Re: linux-next: Tree for Jan 19

From: Paul Gortmaker
Date: Wed Jan 25 2017 - 11:38:17 EST

[Re: linux-next: Tree for Jan 19] On 23/01/2017 (Mon 23:11) Stafford Horne wrote:


> Are all of these builds using the tests from lkp-tests [0]?

Not using any specific tests, other than compiling allmodconfig and

> If so and no one is working on openrisc toolchain updates I will package up
> a modern toolchain for the cdn [1] and send patches for lkp-test.
> If there is something else that needs to be done let me know.
> [0] git://
> [1]

If you could work with Tony (his email is at the bottom of the crosstool
front page in [1]) to get the or32 binutils updated, that would be
great. With all the arch currrently in linux, I pretty much have to
just use what is available from as prebuilts.


> -Stafford