Re: stmmac: GMAC_RGSMIIIS reports bogus values

From: Vineet Gupta
Date: Wed Jan 25 2017 - 13:48:17 EST

On 01/25/2017 10:39 AM, Alexey Brodkin wrote:
>> Also I wonder if, other version of the stmmac worked on this platform
>> before.
> It did work and still works. The only problem is we're getting
> a lot of noise now about bogus link status change. That's because
> this info is now in pr_info() compared to being previously in pr_debug().

While we sort out the real technical details, it is OK to go back to pr_debug
please - print_once or some such !
There is lot of useless console noise when we run any networking loads here !

echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk

only helps in that it is not printed on console but clobbers dmesg nonetheless !