[PATCH V3 net-next 00/14] Bug Fixes in ENA driver.

From: Netanel Belgazal
Date: Thu Jan 26 2017 - 17:23:01 EST

Changes between V3 and V2:
* Fix typos and correct alignment in commit messages.
* use napi_complete_done() return value to determine when the napi
handler needs to unmask the interrupts rather than implementing
non standard solution.
* Remove new features from this patchset and leave bug fixes only.
* Give example in the commit message for kernel crashes.
* Use BIT(x) instead of use the value explicitly.

Netanel Belgazal (14):
net/ena: remove ntuple filter support from device feature list
net/ena: fix error handling when probe fails
net/ena: fix queues number calculation
net/ena: fix ethtool RSS flow configuration
net/ena: fix RSS default hash configuration
net/ena: fix NULL dereference when removing the driver after device
reset failed
net/ena: refactor ena_get_stats64 to be atomic context safe
net/ena: fix potential access to freed memory during device reset
net/ena: use napi_complete_done() return value
net/ena: use READ_ONCE to access completion descriptors
net/ena: reduce the severity of ena printouts
net/ena: change driver's default timeouts
net/ena: change condition for host attribute configuration
net/ena: update driver version to 1.1.2

drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_admin_defs.h | 20 ++-
drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_com.c | 41 ++---
drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_com.h | 1 +
drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_eth_com.c | 8 +-
drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_netdev.c | 186 ++++++++++++++++-------
drivers/net/ethernet/amazon/ena/ena_netdev.h | 9 +-
6 files changed, 182 insertions(+), 83 deletions(-)