Re: [PATCH 3/3] powerpc: enable support for GCC plugins

From: Andrew Donnellan
Date: Fri Jan 27 2017 - 02:08:44 EST

On 09/12/16 21:59, PaX Team wrote:
the specific problem addressed here can (and IMHO should) be solved in
another way: remove the inclusion of the offending headers in gcc-common.h
as neither tm.h nor c-common.h are needed by existing plugins. for background,

We can't build without tm.h:

you'll need to repeat the removal of dependent headers. based on a quick
test here across gcc 4.5-6.2, if you remove rtl.h, tm_p.h, hard-reg-set.h
and emit-rtl.h in addition to tm.h, the plugins should build fine.

OK, I finally have a chance to look at this series again.

basic-block.h includes tm.h, and I don't believe we can remove that. I'm not convinced there's a way around this.

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