Re: [PATCH v7 0/5] Update LZ4 compressor module

From: Eric Biggers
Date: Wed Feb 08 2017 - 19:24:43 EST

On Thu, Feb 09, 2017 at 08:31:21AM +0900, Minchan Kim wrote:
> Today, I did zram-lz4 performance test with fio in current mmotm and
> found it makes regression about 20%.

This may or may not be the cause of the specific regression you're observing,
but I just noticed that the proposed patch drops a lot of FORCEINLINE
annotations from upstream LZ4. The FORCEINLINE's are there for a reason,
especially for the main decompression and compression functions which are
basically "templates" that take in different sets of constant parameters, and
should be left in. We should #define FORCEINLINE to __always_inline somewhere,
or just do a s/FORCEINLINE/__always_inline/g.

Note that the upstream LZ4 code is very carefully optimized, so we should not,
in general, be changing things like when functions are force-inlined, what the
hash table size is, etc.

[Also, for some reason linux-crypto is apparently still not receiving patch 1/5
in the series. It's missing from the linux-crypto archive at, so it's not just me.]