Re: [PATCH v2] tools lib traceevent: Robustify do_generate_dynamic_list_file

From: David Carrillo-Cisneros
Date: Thu Feb 09 2017 - 00:11:14 EST

> bash has some shell opts to control some aspects of compatibility with string
> comparisions that could have some default different from ubuntu and fedora,
> I couldn't find one that looked related, sigh.

The joys of batch scripting...

> Anyway, the difference in the order of the symbol types is related to locales, which
> are fixed in the Makefiles to avoid those problems, so in both Fedora and Ubuntu
> that symbol_type evaluates to "U W w" and the file is generated as intended.
> So I'm just replacing == with = and running a new set of container based distro tests.

"=" works fine in my build. Thanks for looking into this. Next time I
will pay attention to bash portability.