Re: net/packet: use-after-free in packet_rcv_fanout

From: Sowmini Varadhan
Date: Thu Feb 09 2017 - 10:12:58 EST

On (02/09/17 14:14), Dmitry Vyukov wrote:
> Call Trace:
> packet_rcv_has_room+0x25/0xb0 net/packet/af_packet.c:1308
> fanout_demux_rollover+0x3bb/0x6b0 net/packet/af_packet.c:1388
> packet_rcv_fanout+0x674/0x800 net/packet/af_packet.c:1490
> dev_queue_xmit_nit+0x73a/0xa90 net/core/dev.c:1898
> tcp_sendmsg_fastopen net/ipv4/tcp.c:1110 [inline]

looks like a race between a NIT socket (tcpdump, maybe?) that is closing,
and a standard tcp socket.. packet_release() takes the po->bind_lock
to remove the socket from the ptype_all NIT queue. but how does
that sync with the Tx path for other af_inet/af_inet6 sockets?