re: sfc: process RX event inner checksum flags

From: Colin Ian King
Date: Fri Feb 10 2017 - 11:19:10 EST

Hi there,

not sure if this is a bug, or intentional, but CoverityScan picked up a
mismatch in arguments when calling efx_ef10_handle_rx_event_error() with
commit "sfc: process RX event inner checksum flags" that landed in

CID 1402067 (#1 of 1): Arguments in wrong order
(SWAPPED_ARGUMENTS)swapped_arguments: The positions of arguments in the
call to efx_ef10_handle_rx_event_errors do not match the ordering of the

rx_l3_class is passed to rx_encap_hdr
rx_l4_class is passed to rx_l3_class
rx_encap_hdr is passed to rx_l4_class

The function in question has the prototype:

static u16 efx_ef10_handle_rx_event_errors(struct efx_channel *channel,
unsigned int n_packets,
unsigned int rx_encap_hdr,
unsigned int rx_l3_class,
unsigned int rx_l4_class,
const efx_qword_t *event)

...where as it it being called using:

flags |= efx_ef10_handle_rx_event_errors(channel, n_packets,
rx_l3_class, rx_l4_class, rx_encap_hdr, event);

Is this a bug or intentional?