Re: [PATCH v2] arm64: dts: Enable ir-spi in the tm2 and tm2e boards

From: Andi Shyti
Date: Fri Feb 10 2017 - 23:44:52 EST

Hi Javier,

On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 11:04:50AM -0300, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> On 02/09/2017 11:22 PM, Andi Shyti wrote:
> > + irda_regulator: irda-regulator {
> > + compatible = "regulator-fixed";
> > + enable-active-high;
> > + gpio = <&gpr3 3 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
> > + regulator-name = "irda_regulator";
> How is this regulator named in the board schematics? My
> understanding is that regulator-name should match this.
> I don't have access to this so it may be "irda_regulator"
> although I was expecting something more like "VDD_IRDA".

This is not a real regulator.

This is an external regulator which is enabled with a gpio
(GPR3[3]). The regulator-fixed allows me to use the regulator API
even though I would only need to control a gpio (with the gpio
API). I prefer using regulator to keep the same interface no
matter how the irda is connected.

About the name, I have full freedom to chose as of course it's
not documented in the exynos5433 datasheet. Perhaps I could call
it irda-gpio-regulator to make it more clear?

> Patch looks good to me though:
> Reviewed-by: Javier Martinez Canillas <javier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>