Re: [PATCH linux v7 3/6] hwmon: occ: Add I2C transport implementation for SCOM operations

From: Andrew Jeffery
Date: Sun Feb 12 2017 - 20:12:44 EST

On Fri, 2017-02-10 at 15:05 -0600, Eddie James wrote:
> On 02/09/2017 11:31 PM, Joel Stanley wrote:
> > > On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 9:40 AM,<eajames@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>Â wrote:
> > >> From: "Edward A. James"<eajames@xxxxxxxxxx>
> >>
> >> Add functions to send SCOM operations over I2C bus. The BMC can
> >> communicate with the Power8 host processor over I2C, but needs to use SCOM
> >> operations in order to access the OCC register space.
> > This doesn't need to be separate from the p8_occ_i2c.c file. You can
> > remove a layer of function calls by merging this in and having these
> > be your getscom putscom bus_ops callbacks.
> The purpose of having this separate was so that we could do the scomÂ
> address shift for p8 separately.

Separation was my suggestion. It makes the I2C transport implementation
independent of any P8 details, and having it separate* is no more
abstract than the core performing SCOMs through the FSI interface when
that's available. I feel like it's muddying the waters conceptually to
bury P8 details in the implementation of a SCOM transport layer.

However, in our less abstract world the P8 will be the only system that
uses the I2C transport, so while I don't think merging the functions is
a good idea from an abstraction perspective it won't have a big impact.


* Maybe the I2C SCOM transport even deserves to live outside

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