Re: [lkp] [x86/acpi] dc6db24d24: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 0000116007090008

From: Dou Liyang
Date: Mon Feb 13 2017 - 00:31:13 EST

Hi, Xiaolong

At 02/13/2017 09:37 AM, Ye Xiaolong wrote:
On 11/21, Dou Liyang wrote:
Hi, Xiaolong,

At 11/21/2016 09:31 AM, Ye Xiaolong wrote:
On 11/18, Dou Liyang wrote:
Hi xiaolong

At 11/18/2016 02:16 PM, Ye Xiaolong wrote:
Hi, liyang

Sorry for the late.

On 10/31, Dou Liyang wrote:
Hi, Xiaolong,

I research the ACPI table for a long time, and I found that:
The reason for this bug is the duplicate IDs "0xFF" in DSDT.
it has already been fixed in the committed id
8e089eaa1999def4bb954caa91941f29b0672b6a and
fd74da217df7d4bd25e95411da64e0b92762842e which is after the
dc6db24d2476cd09c0ecf2b8d80313539f737a89 .

could you help me to Verify my thoughts in the LKP.

I've queued the same test jobs for commit fd74da217d, I'll notify you
once I get the results.

Hi, Liyang,

Results show that the reported error is gone with commit fd74da217df7d4bd25e95411da64e0b92762842e
below is the comparison.

thanks a lot. that means it has been fixed.

Sorry for my neglect, the result for fd74da217df7d4bd25e95411da showed no dmesg
because it's incomplete run and has no demsg stat at all.

Is that means:

you have already tested the Linux branch which contains the commit
fd74da217df7d. and it doesn't work well.

Btw, Why the test is incomplete run ?

The bug still persists in v4.9, v4.10-rcx, the lastest kernel head,

If the dmesg and stat of the test is NULL, How do you prove that the
bug still exists?

could you help to check?

Yes, I think we first should make the test with commit fd74da217df7d
work in the specific test machine.

test machine: 72 threads Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699 v3 @ 2.30GHz with 128G memory

Am I right? waiting your response.



compare -at dc6db24d2476cd09c0ecf2b8d80313539f737a89 fd74da217df7d4bd25e95411da64e0b92762842e
tests: 1
testcase/path_params/tbox_group/run: vm-scalability/300-never-never-1-1-swap-w-rand-performance/lkp-hsw-ep2

dc6db24d2476cd09 fd74da217df7d4bd25e95411da
---------------- --------------------------
fail:runs %reproduction fail:runs
| | |
12:12 -100% :3 dmesg.BUG:unable_to_handle_kernel
12:12 -100% :3 dmesg.Oops
12:12 -100% :3 dmesg.RIP:get_partial_node
9:12 -75% :3 dmesg.RIP:_raw_spin_lock_irqsave
3:12 -25% :3 dmesg.general_protection_fault:#[##]SMP
3:12 -25% :3 dmesg.RIP:native_queued_spin_lock_slowpath
3:12 -25% :3 dmesg.Kernel_panic-not_syncing:Hard_LOCKUP
2:12 -17% :3 dmesg.RIP:load_balance
2:12 -17% :3 dmesg.Kernel_panic-not_syncing:Fatal_exception_in_interrupt
1:12 -8% :3 dmesg.RIP:resched_curr
1:12 -8% :3 dmesg.Kernel_panic-not_syncing:Fatal_exception
5:12 -42% :3 dmesg.WARNING:at_include/linux/uaccess.h:#__probe_kernel_read
1:12 -8% :3 dmesg.WARNING:at_lib/list_debug.c:#__list_add

2. About the LKP-tests, I want run the tests in my own pc.
I use the debain sid as an OS. the .yaml file can be installed and
job splited, but it can't be run correctly.

Is the linux source code must be in /tmp/?
And if I need to modify the .yaml file to fit my pc.

Could you paste the error log for me to analyze?

Yes. let me tidy up it ah. :)

And, I am very interesting in LKP-Test. when I built it, I met some

here is the error log:

root@debian:/home/douly/lkp-tests# lkp run ./job-unlink2-performance-04c197c080f2ed7a022f79701455c6837f4b9573-debian-x86_64-2016-08-31.cgz.yaml

IPMI BMC is not supported on this machine, skip bmc-watchdog setup!
2016-11-21 15:21:01 ./ unlink2 32 both 1 54 72
/home/douly/lkp-tests/bin/log_cmd: 7: exec: ./ not found
kill 18805 vmstat -n 10
kill 18803 dmesg --follow --decode
kill 18829 /lkp/benchmarks/perf-stat/perf stat -a -I 1000 -x -e cpu-clock,task-clock,page-faults,context-switches,cpu-migrations,minor-faults,major-faults
--log-fd 1 --
kill 18806 vmstat -n 1
wait for background monitors: 18811 18813 18830 18833 18832 18819
18821 18826 18818 18815 18810 18814 18825 18827 proc-stat meminfo
oom-killer uptime nfs-hang softirqs diskstats sched_debug
latency_stats interrupts proc-vmstat slabinfo turbostat perf-profile
The /tmp/lkp-root/ file has no samples!