Re: [PATCH] smiapp: add CCP2 support

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Feb 15 2017 - 05:48:27 EST


> > > I pushed the two DT patches here:
> > >
> > > <URL:>
> >
> > Thanks for a branch. If you could the two patches that look ok there,
> > it would mean less work for me, I could just mark those two as applied
> > here.
> I think a verb could be missing from the sentence. :-) I'll send a pull
> request for the entire set, containing more than just the DT changes. Feel
> free to base yours on top of this.
> A word of warning: I have patches to replace the V4L2 OF framework by V4L2
> fwnode. The preliminary set (which is still missing V4L2 OF removal) is
> here, I'll post a refresh soon:
> <URL:>
> Let's see what the order ends up to be in the end. If the fwnode set is
> applicable first, then I'd like to rebase the lane parsing changes on top of
> that rather than the other way around --- it's easier that way.
> >
> > Core changes for CSI2 support are needed.
> CCP2? We could get these and the smiapp and possibly also the omap3isp
> patches in first, to avoid having to manage a large patchset. What do you
> think?

Well... anything that reduces the ammount of patches I need to
maintain to keep camera working is welcome.

> > There are core changes in notifier locking, and subdev support.
> >
> > I need video-bus-switch, at least for testing.
> >
> > I need subdev support for omap3isp, so that we can attach flash and
> > focus devices.
> >
> > Finally dts support on N900 can be enabled.
> Yes! 8-)
> I don't know if any euros were saved by using that video bus switch but it
> sure has caused a lot of hassle (and perhaps some gray hair) for software
> engineers. X-)

Yes, switch is one of the problems. OTOH... Nokia did a great thing by
creating phone with reasonable design...

(cesky, pictures)

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