[PATCH v4 0/4] of: remove *phandle properties from expanded device tree

From: frowand . list
Date: Mon May 01 2017 - 22:46:54 EST

From: Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@xxxxxxxx>

Remove "phandle" and "linux,phandle" properties from the internal
device tree. The phandle will still be in the struct device_node
phandle field.

This is to resolve the issue found by Stephen Boyd [1] when he changed
the type of struct property.value from void * to const void *. As
a result of the type change, the overlay code had compile errors
where the resolver updates phandle values.

[1] http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1702.1/04160.html

Patch 1 is the phandle related changes.

Patches 2 - 4 are minor fixups for issues that became visible
while implementing patch 1.

Changes from v3:
- patch 1: fix incorrect variable name in __of_add_phandle_sysfs().
Problem was reported by the kbuild test robot

Changes from v2:
- patch 1: Remove check in __of_add_phandle_sysfs() that would not
add a sysfs entry if IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_PPC_PSERIES)

Changes from v1:
- Remove phandle properties in of_attach_node(), before attaching
the node to the live tree.
- Add the phandle sysfs entry for the node in of_attach_node().
- When creating an overlay changeset, duplicate the node phandle in

Frank Rowand (4):
of: remove *phandle properties from expanded device tree
of: make __of_attach_node() static
of: be consistent in form of file mode
of: detect invalid phandle in overlay

drivers/of/base.c | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
drivers/of/dynamic.c | 56 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
drivers/of/fdt.c | 40 +++++++++++++++++++++--------------
drivers/of/of_private.h | 2 +-
drivers/of/overlay.c | 8 ++++---
drivers/of/resolver.c | 23 +-------------------
include/linux/of.h | 1 +
7 files changed, 120 insertions(+), 60 deletions(-)

Frank Rowand <frank.rowand@xxxxxxxx>