Re: 4.11.0-rc8+/x86_64 desktop lockup until applications closed

From: Arthur Marsh
Date: Tue May 02 2017 - 21:41:22 EST

Michal Hocko wrote on 02/05/17 17:01:

[92311.944443] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000ffffd
[92311.944449] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000ffffe
[92311.944451] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000fffff

Pte swap entry seem to be clobbered. That suggests a deeper problem and
a memory corruption.

Thanks again for the feedback. I've gone with 4.11.0+ git head kernels and last night rather than a lock-up I saw:

[40050.937161] mmap: chromium (6060): VmData 2148573184 exceed data ulimit 2147483647. Update limits or use boot option ignore_rlimit_data.
[40051.183213] traps: chromium[6060] trap int3 ip:5642ccce7996 sp:7ffe0a563ac0 error:0

and the desktop session remained responsive.

The 2 GiB ulimit is preferable for me than having to rely on the OOM killer, but I can run tests with ignore_rlimit_data later on to check that the OOM killer still works rather than hitting some unforeseen error on swap exhaustion.