[GIT PULL] SPI updates for v4.12

From: Mark Brown
Date: Wed May 03 2017 - 11:15:53 EST

The following changes since commit 5a7ad1146caa895ad718a534399e38bd2ba721b7:

Linux 4.11-rc8 (2017-04-23 16:53:00 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/broonie/spi.git tags/spi-v4.12

for you to fetch changes up to 282ec0ea65dab88fda51b5b9b649958ae42f4ac0:

Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/ti-qspi' and 'spi/topic/xlp' into spi-next (2017-04-26 15:58:22 +0100)

spi: Updates for v4.12

There's quite a lot of small driver specific fixes and enhancements in
this release but the main activity has been around the loopback and
spidev test drivers which is good to see as it should hopefully help
improve the quality of all the drivers as people start to make use of
the new code:

- Additional tests in the loopback test driver for vmalloc()
compatibility and around delays together with fixes for existing
- Support for testing continuous data transfer for use in soak testing.
- Device property support for board info platforms.
- Support for registering empty sets of devices via board info (useful
when writing code to enumerate hardware automatically).

Akinobu Mita (7):
spi: loopback-test: correct mismatched test description and configuration
spi: loopback-test: don't skip comparing the first byte of rx_buf
spi: loopback-test: add ability to test zero-length transfer
spi: loopback-test: test zero-length transfer
spi: loopback-test: add elapsed time check
spi: loopback-test: add test spi_message with delay after transfers
spi: omap2-mcspi: poll OMAP2_MCSPI_CHSTAT_RXS for PIO transfer

Antonio Borneo (2):
spi: pl022: remove nonexistent properties from DT binding example
spi: pl022: Document property values

Bastian Stender (1):
spi: orion: add LSB support

Ben Whitten (1):
spi: spidev: Add sx1301 to device tree compatibility list

Christophe JAILLET (1):
spi: spi-fsl-dspi: Fix error handling

Colin Ian King (3):
spi: loopback-test: fix potential integer overflow on multiple
spi: loopback-test: fix spelling mistake: "minimam" -> "minimum"
spi: tegra: fix spelling mistake: "trasfer" -> "transfer"

Dmitry Torokhov (2):
spi: allow attaching device properties to SPI board info
spi: allow registering empty spi_board_info lists

Emiliano Ingrassia (1):
spi: dynamycally allocated message initialization

Fabien Parent (2):
spi: davinci: Use SPI framework to handle DMA mapping
spi: davinci: enable DMA when channels are defined in DT

Frode Isaksen (7):
spi: davinci: use rx buffer as dummy tx buffer
spi: davinci: do not use DMA if transfer length is less than 16
spi: davinci: do not use DMA for vmalloc'ed buffers
spi: loopback-test: add option to use vmalloc'ed buffers
spi: loopback-test: fix compile error on x86
spi: davinci: add comment about dummy tx buffer usage
spi: spidev_test: add option to continuously transfer data

Hauke Mehrtens (2):
spi: lantiq-ssc: add LTQ_ prefix to defines
spi: double time out tolerance

Icenowy Zheng (2):
spi: sun6i: Allow transfers larger than FIFO size
spi: sun6i: update max transfer size reported

Javier Martinez Canillas (1):
spi: sc18is602: Add OF device ID table

Jayachandran C (1):
spi: xlp: update for ARCH_VULCAN2

Jonas Gorski (7):
spi/bcm63xx: make spi subsystem aware of message size limits
spi/bcm63xx: allow for probing through devicetree
spi/bcm63xx: document bcm63xx SPI devicetree bindings
spi/bcm63xx: fix typo in bcm63xx_spi_max_length breaking compilation
spi/bcm63xx-hsspi: allow providing clock rate through a second clock
spi/bcm63xx-hsspi: document bcm63xx HS SPI devicetree bindings
spi/bcm63xx-hsspi: allow for probing through devicetree

Leif Middelschulte (1):
spi-imx: Implements handling of the SPI_READY mode flag.

Liu Xiang (1):
spi: fsl: Call irq_dispose_mapping in err path

Marek Vasut (1):
spi: dw: Disable clock after unregistering the host

Mark Brown (7):
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/fix/dw', 'spi/fix/lantiq' and 'spi/fix/pl022' into spi-linus
Merge remote-tracking branch 'spi/topic/core' into spi-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/atmel', 'spi/topic/bcm63xx', 'spi/topic/cadence' and 'spi/topic/davinci' into spi-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/devprop', 'spi/topic/fsl', 'spi/topic/fsl-dspi', 'spi/topic/imx' and 'spi/topic/lantiq' into spi-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/loopback', 'spi/topic/omap2-mcspi', 'spi/topic/orion', 'spi/topic/pl022' and 'spi/topic/sc18is602' into spi-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/spidev', 'spi/topic/spidev-test', 'spi/topic/sunxi', 'spi/topic/tegra' and 'spi/topic/test' into spi-next
Merge remote-tracking branches 'spi/topic/ti-qspi' and 'spi/topic/xlp' into spi-next

Moritz Fischer (1):
spi: cadence: Allow for GPIO pins to be used as chipselects

Quentin Schulz (2):
spi: atmel: factorize reusable code for SPI controller init
spi: atmel: add deepest PM support to SAMA5D2

Rabin Vincent (1):
spi: pl022: don't use uninitialized variable

Vignesh R (4):
spi: spi-ti-qspi: Use dma_engine wrapper for dma memcpy call
spi: spi-ti-qspi: Remove unused dma_dev variable
spi: Add can_dma like interface for spi_flash_read
spi: spi-ti-qspi: Use bounce buffer if read buffer is not DMA'ble

kbuild test robot (1):
spi: lantiq-ssc: fix platform_no_drv_owner.cocci warnings

.../devicetree/bindings/spi/fsl-imx-cspi.txt | 7 +
.../devicetree/bindings/spi/spi-bcm63xx-hsspi.txt | 33 ++
.../devicetree/bindings/spi/spi-bcm63xx.txt | 33 ++
.../devicetree/bindings/spi/spi_pl022.txt | 8 +-
drivers/acpi/acpi_apd.c | 1 +
drivers/spi/Kconfig | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-atmel.c | 44 ++-
drivers/spi/spi-bcm63xx-hsspi.c | 35 +-
drivers/spi/spi-bcm63xx.c | 51 ++-
drivers/spi/spi-cadence.c | 65 +++
drivers/spi/spi-davinci.c | 95 ++---
drivers/spi/spi-dw-mmio.c | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-fsl-dspi.c | 3 +-
drivers/spi/spi-fsl-spi.c | 3 +-
drivers/spi/spi-imx.c | 20 +-
drivers/spi/spi-lantiq-ssc.c | 438 +++++++++++----------
drivers/spi/spi-loopback-test.c | 154 +++++---
drivers/spi/spi-omap2-mcspi.c | 9 +-
drivers/spi/spi-orion.c | 11 +-
drivers/spi/spi-pl022.c | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-sc18is602.c | 24 +-
drivers/spi/spi-sun6i.c | 94 ++++-
drivers/spi/spi-tegra114.c | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-tegra20-sflash.c | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-tegra20-slink.c | 2 +-
drivers/spi/spi-test.h | 21 +-
drivers/spi/spi-ti-qspi.c | 70 +++-
drivers/spi/spi-xlp.c | 1 +
drivers/spi/spi.c | 38 +-
drivers/spi/spidev.c | 1 +
include/linux/spi/spi.h | 10 +-
tools/spi/spidev_test.c | 93 ++++-
32 files changed, 964 insertions(+), 410 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/spi/spi-bcm63xx-hsspi.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/spi/spi-bcm63xx.txt

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