[CFP] RT-Summit - Call for Presentations

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Thu May 04 2017 - 07:25:02 EST

Real-Time Summit 2017 Call for Presentations

This is a call for presentations for the 7th Real-Time Summit which will be
held in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 21th, 2017, at the Czech
Technical University (CTU) following the 18th Real-Time Linux Workshop. The
events are preceding the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017.

The Real-Time Summit is organized by the Linux Foundation Real-Time Linux
(RTL) collaborative project in cooperation with OSADL/RTLWS. The event is
intended to gather developers and users of the Real-Time preemption
patch. The main intent is to provide room for discussion between
developers, tooling experts and users.

If you are interested to present, please submit a proposal to
rt-cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx before July 14th, 2017, at 23:59 EST. Please provide a
title, abstract describing the proposed talk (900 characters maximum),
short biography (900 characters maximum), and describe the targeted
audience (900 characters maximum). Please indicate the slot length you are
aiming for: The format is a single track with presentation slots of 30 or
45 minutes length. The maximum presentation time is 15 resp. 25 minutes and
the remaining time is reserved for discussion. The focus of this event is

We are welcoming presentations from both end users and developers, on
topics covering, but not limited to:

- Real-time Linux development
- Real-time Linux evaluation
- Real-time Linux use cases (Success and failures)
- Real-time Linux tooling (tracing, configuration, ...)

Those can cover recently available technologies, ongoing work and new
ideas. Please understand that this is not a place for presenting sales and
marketing pitches or to advertise technology which is not related or not
usable in the context of real-time Linux technology.

Further information about the event is available at the Real-Time Summit
2017 wiki page:


On behalf of the RTL collaborative project

Thomas Gleixner