Re: [PATCH v3 1/3] tpm: vtpm_proxy: Implement new ioctl to get supported flags

From: Jason Gunthorpe
Date: Thu May 04 2017 - 11:35:30 EST

On Thu, May 04, 2017 at 10:56:25AM -0400, Stefan Berger wrote:
> Implement VTPM_PROXY_IOC_GET_SUPT_FLAGS ioctl to get the bitmask
> of flags that the vtpm_proxy driver supports in the
> VTPM_PROXY_IOC_NEW_DEV ioctl. This helps user space in deciding
> which flags to set in that ioctl.

you might be better off just having a VTPM_PROXY_IO_ENABLE_FEATURE
.feature = LOCALITY

If that fails then the feature is not supported, no real need for the
query in that case.

Not sure about Jarkko's point on request/release locality.. Is there a
scenario where the emulator should fail the request locality?