[REGRESSION] 4.11.0-rc8 ext4 mount randomly returning EBUSY during boot w/systemd?

From: vcaputo
Date: Thu May 04 2017 - 17:14:10 EST

I'm not sure about this one, but never experienced it prior to 4.11.0-rc8.

During boot sometimes the home.mount unit fails and `systemctl status
home.mount` reports that the mount failed due to it already being busy.

I'm able to fix it by simply issuing `systemctl restart home.mount` from the
maintenance shell, ^d and the boot resumes normally.

This is a plain Debian Jessie amd64 system, with dmcrypt and lvm2.

Is this a known kernel regression that got fixed already? It's possible this
is an unrelated systemd bug, but it's odd that I never saw this before this

Unfortunately I've been too busy the last few weeks to spend much time on the
computer in rc8+, so this is all a bit nebulous.

Vito Caputo