Re: [PATCH] perf report: Make --branch-history work without callgraphs(-g) option in perf record

From: Jin, Yao
Date: Thu May 04 2017 - 23:10:33 EST

- if (symbol_conf.use_callchain) {
+ if (symbol_conf.use_callchain &&
+ !symbol_conf.show_branchflag_count) {
ui__error("Selected -g or --branch-history but no "
"callchain data. Did\n"
"you call 'perf record' without -g?\n");
The `--branch-history` part of this error message is now stale, no?

Yes, the error message is obsolete. I will change it in next version.

@@ -397,7 +398,8 @@ static int perf_evlist__tty_browse_hists(struct
perf_evlist *evlist,

hists__fprintf_nr_sample_events(hists, rep, evname, stdout);
hists__fprintf(hists, !quiet, 0, 0, rep->min_percent, stdout,
- symbol_conf.use_callchain);
+ symbol_conf.use_callchain |
+ symbol_conf.show_branchflag_count);
fprintf(stdout, "\n\n");
Not sure about the coding style here, but shouldn't this be a boolean or
operator here '||' - semantically? Functionality wise it will be the same, I

Should be same. While I will follow your comments to change it to '||'.

I will wait other comments for some days and then send out the next version.

Jin Yao