Re: [PATCH v2] x86, uaccess: introduce copy_from_iter_wt for pmem / writethrough operations

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Fri May 05 2017 - 02:54:13 EST

* Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The pmem driver has a need to transfer data with a persistent memory
> destination and be able to rely on the fact that the destination writes
> are not cached. It is sufficient for the writes to be flushed to a
> cpu-store-buffer (non-temporal / "movnt" in x86 terms), as we expect
> userspace to call fsync() to ensure data-writes have reached a
> power-fail-safe zone in the platform. The fsync() triggers a REQ_FUA or
> REQ_FLUSH to the pmem driver which will turn around and fence previous
> writes with an "sfence".
> Implement a __copy_from_user_inatomic_wt, memcpy_page_wt, and memcpy_wt,
> that guarantee that the destination buffer is not dirty in the cpu cache
> on completion. The new copy_from_iter_wt and sub-routines will be used
> to replace the "pmem api" (include/linux/pmem.h +
> arch/x86/include/asm/pmem.h). The availability of copy_from_iter_wt()
> and memcpy_wt() are gated by the CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_UACCESS_WT config
> symbol, and fallback to copy_from_iter_nocache() and plain memcpy()
> otherwise.
> This is meant to satisfy the concern from Linus that if a driver wants
> to do something beyond the normal nocache semantics it should be
> something private to that driver [1], and Al's concern that anything
> uaccess related belongs with the rest of the uaccess code [2].
> [1]:
> [2]:
> Cc: <x86@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jan Kara <jack@xxxxxxx>
> Cc: Jeff Moyer <jmoyer@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Cc: Ross Zwisler <ross.zwisler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Signed-off-by: Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@xxxxxxxxx>
> ---
> Changes since the initial RFC:
> * s/writethru/wt/ since we already have ioremap_wt(), set_memory_wt(),
> etc. (Ingo)

Looks good to me. I suspect you'd like to carry this in the nvdimm tree?

Acked-by: Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxxxxx>