Re: RFC: WMI Enhancements

From: Andy Lutomirski
Date: Fri May 05 2017 - 21:25:40 EST

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>> Subject: Re: RFC: WMI Enhancements

> I meant that to say that at least for now Andy's wmi-mof driver should still be merged.
> If something is going to build on top of this to do WBEM tools, they'll need that MOF
> data once someone figures out how to nicely deconstruct it.

The thing I don't like about my own driver is that, as a WMI device
driver, it can be loaded before the rest of the bus finishes probing.
So user programs that are notified asynchronously that the wmi-mof
driver is loaded and try to use future functionality (ioctl to issue a
MOF-based method call?) might end up doing so before the rest of the
bus is probed.

This could be addressed by always exposing the wmi-mof device last
(sort of -- it can be a module) or perhaps by moving MOF functionality
to the core driver. Or maybe it's not really a problem.

Also, isn't there a way to ask Microsoft to document this? Are you
supposed to "ask a question" on this forum, perhaps:

I'm guessing the Samba team knows how to do this, too.