Re: GPU-DRM-STI: Fine-tuning for some function implementations

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Sat May 06 2017 - 09:55:16 EST

> Generally speaking, I don't care about checkpatch/cocci changes that aren't tested.

I find this view interesting only to some degree.

1. I suggest to combine a few functions into fewer ones.
* Do you spot any programming mistakes in these concrete cases?
* Can such code reduction result into desired effects?

2. I propose to use the function âseq_putcâ at more source code places.
* Do you really find any previous system test approaches insufficient around
such a Linux feature?
* Does the programming interface âseq_putsâ provide any properties
that you prefer over the other one for the sequence output of single characters?

> With your changes, we don't have this upside.

How do you think about to pick spelling corrections up for two comment lines?