Re: [PATCH] csiostor: Avoid content leaks and casts

From: Martin K. Petersen
Date: Thu May 18 2017 - 21:35:47 EST


You weren't CC:ed on this patch. Please review. Thanks!

> When copying attributes, the len argument was padded out and the
> resulting memcpy() would copy beyond the end of the source buffer.
> Avoid this, and use size_t for val_len to avoid all the
> casts. Similarly, avoid source buffer casts and use void *.
> Additionally enforces val_len can be represented by u16 and that the
> DMA buffer was not overflowed. Fixes the size of mfa, which is not
> FC_FDMI_PORT_ATTR_MAXFRAMESIZE_LEN (but it will be padded up to
> 4). This was noticed by the future CONFIG_FORTIFY_SOURCE checks.

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering