Re: [4.12 regression] Thinkpad X250 Touchpad and Trackpoint not recognized anymore; commit e839ffa: "Input: synaptics - add support for Intertouch devices"

From: Pascal Wichmann
Date: Sat May 20 2017 - 01:47:47 EST

> Looks like you running your patched kernel?
That's right.

>>> # CONFIG_RMI4_SMB is not set
> This is your issue I believe.

Indeed, enabling that configuration solves that issue.

However, I think it is quite unintuitive that a module (psmouse) chooses
a default mode which requires another driver which is not necessarily
included; though it would probably be not a very clean solution to
explicitly check that as well.

Is this behaviour, that one module requires another without
communicating that clearly, wanted?


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