Re: [PATCH V1 0/9] add clock driver for Spreadtrum platforms

From: Stephen Boyd
Date: Mon Jun 19 2017 - 21:25:48 EST

On 06/18, Chunyan Zhang wrote:
> In the last cycle, the patches support Whale2 sc9860 mobile chip have been
> merged. This patchset adds clock driver which is used on almost all
> Spreadtrum SoCs.
> This is a rewrite of Spreadtrum's original clock driver[1] according to the
> comments[2] from Stephen Boyd.
> This series also adds Spreadtrum clock binding documentation and devicetree
> data.
> Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Overall it seems to copy quite a bit of code from sunxi-ng, which
is OK, but if that's just copy/paste + replace some names then
perhaps we should consolidate the two implementations into one
that both SoCs can use.

Also, is there any reason why we can't use a platform device
driver for this instead of the DT probing mechanism? That is more
preferred method of probing clk controllers.

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