Re: [PATCH 1/6] ARM: dts: rockchip: add basic dtsi file for RK3229 SoC

From: Frank Wang
Date: Tue Jun 20 2017 - 03:13:48 EST

Hi Heiko,

On 2017/6/19 20:30, Heiko StÃbner wrote:
Hi Frank,

Am Montag, 19. Juni 2017, 18:34:27 CEST schrieb Frank Wang:
On 2017/6/18 2:12, Heiko Stuebner wrote:
Am Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017, 15:16:15 CEST schrieb Frank Wang:
Due to some tiny differences between RK3228 and RK3229, this patch
adds a basic dtsi file which includes a new CPU opp table and PSCI
brought up support for RK3229.

Signed-off-by: Frank Wang<>

+ psci {
+ compatible = "arm,psci-1.0", "arm,psci-0.2";
+ method = "smc";
+ };
+&cpu0 {
+ enable-method = "psci";
Hmm, I don't really understand this.
What method of core-bringup does the rk3228 use? In the current
rk322x.dtsi there is no enable-method at all defined.
For non-security, the same with rk3036 SoC, we use rk3036-smp method to
bring-up cores, and for security, we use arm-psci method.
As security become more and more important and required, we would prefer
using arm-psci method, and it is also an easy way to use.

So is the rk3228 firmware using a different method than the rk3229?
No, they are the same. How about I move these changes to rk322x.dtsi?
yep, that is what I was getting at with my question ;-)

And out of curiosity as this is a arm32 without atf, is the psci
implementation (for uboot?) you're using available somewhere?
Ah, it is included in op-tee :-)
Is that super secret or will this be part of the official op-tee [0]
at some point (Similar to the ATF stuff on arm64)?

Hmm, the op-tee itself must keep secure, but the psci part in it can be extracted to public, although it may have a bit of secure risk.
Due to Rockchip have amended the frame of op-tee to support psci, we can try to upstream these changes to official op-tee or push them to source codes of Rockchip in git-hub.