Re: [PATCH] pinctrl/amd: Use regular interrupt instead of chained

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Tue Jun 20 2017 - 05:22:19 EST

On Mon, 19 Jun 2017, Borislav Petkov wrote:

> On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 09:33:10AM +0000, Shah, Nehal-bakulchandra wrote:
> > Hi Thomas,
> >
> > Thanks for the prompt reply. Agree on points.
> >
> > we will validate at our end and shall provide the update.
> Any news on the issue? Resolution?
> I still have a user reporting "irq 7: nobody cared (try booting with the
> "irqpoll" option)" pointing to amd_gpio_irq_handler(), even with Thomas'
> patch.
> See
> So something's still not completely fine yet.

Well, that's kinda expected.

If the interrupt _IS_ screaming because the hardware is buggered, then the
nobody cared thing will detect it and switch it off. That's all what we can
do, aside of not loading the driver at all.

But that's way better than silently locking up the box forever.