[PATCH 0/2] Update PCR read code

From: Roberto Sassu
Date: Fri Jun 23 2017 - 09:42:54 EST

This patch set updates tpm2_pcr_read(), to build the PCR read command
buffer with tpm_buf functions, which offer protection against buffer

It also removes duplicate code in tpm2_do_selftest(), and replaces it with
a call to tpm2_pcr_read().

The previous version of the patches can be found at the URLs:


The version number has not been incremented from 3 to 4, since this
is considered as a new patch set, not providing the same functionality
of the set the patches were originally part of.


- PCR code changes are applied directly to tpm2_pcr_read()
- removed tpm2_pcr_read_in structure
- modified size of digest array in tpm2_pcr_read_out structure

Roberto Sassu (2):
tpm: use tpm_buf functions in tpm2_pcr_read()
tpm: use tpm2_pcr_read() in tpm2_do_selftest()

drivers/char/tpm/tpm2-cmd.c | 89 +++++++++++++++------------------------------
1 file changed, 30 insertions(+), 59 deletions(-)