Re: [GIT] Networking

From: Herbert Xu
Date: Mon Jul 10 2017 - 06:06:21 EST

On Sun, Jul 09, 2017 at 09:40:43PM +0100, David Miller wrote:
> > It look like PF_ALG sets up a ->sk in alg_create() (but this
> > would get over-written in alg_accept()?)

No it does not. The struct socket comes from sys_accept() and
AFAICS it doesn't carry a struck sock with it.

> > Cc'ing Herbert to see if this is expected behavior (and PF_ALG
> > somehow does the right thing with the refcount for the ->sk
> > set up in alg_create) in which case I suppose we should drop the
> > WARN_ON.
> I think we've found yet another socket leak, this time in

Hmm, I can't see the problem in af_alg_accept. The struct socket
comes directly from sys_accept() which creates it using sock_alloc.

So the only thing I can think of is that the memory returned by
sock_alloc is not zeroed and therefore the WARN_ON is just reading

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