Re: [PATCH v2] PCI: Add ATS-disable quirk for AMD Stoney GPUs

From: Joerg Roedel
Date: Tue Jul 11 2017 - 07:50:11 EST

Hi Bjorn,

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 11:53:58AM -0500, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
> I'm still confused. Per Samuel
> (6dd9dbac-9b65-bc7c-bb08-413a05d09fc8@xxxxxxxx):
> Samuel> The other patch seems to fix this issue without disabling ATS.
> Samuel> Isn't that better?
> and Alex
> (BN6PR12MB1652DF4130FC792B71DD9974F7C00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx):
> Alex> I talked to our validation team and ATS was validated on Stoney,
> Alex> so this patch is just working around something else. The other
> Alex> patch fixes it and is a valid optimization ...
> I'm confused about what this "other patch" is and whether we want that
> one, this one, or both.

The other patches floating around lowered the ATS flush-rate from the
AMD IOMMU driver, which makes the issue disappear as well. But the issue
only disappeared, it is not solved and could probably still be
reproduced with a GPU usage pattern that increases the ATS flush-rate.

So blacklisting the device for ATS is still the safest thing we could do