Re: [v6,3/3] watchdog: introduce CONFIG_WATCHDOG_OPEN_TIMEOUT

From: Wim Van Sebroeck
Date: Tue Jul 11 2017 - 11:50:50 EST

Hi Guenter,

> > This allows setting a default value for the watchdog.open_timeout
> > commandline parameter via Kconfig.
> >
> > Some BSPs allow remote updating of the kernel image and root file
> > system, but updating the bootloader requires physical access. Hence, if
> > one has a firmware update that requires relaxing the
> > watchdog.open_timeout a little, the value used must be baked into the
> > kernel image itself and cannot come from the u-boot environment via the
> > kernel command line.
> >
> > Being able to set the initial value in .config doesn't change the fact
> > that the value on the command line, if present, takes precedence, and is
> > of course immensely useful for development purposes while one has
> > console acccess, as well as usable in the cases where one can make a
> > permanent update of the kernel command line.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Rasmus Villemoes <rasmus.villemoes@xxxxxxxxx>
> Wim, any thoughts on making this configurable ? I used to be opposed to it,
> but it does seem to make some sense to me now after thinking about it.

I will look at it later this week.

Kind regards,