Re: [PULL REQUEST] i2c for 4.13

From: Wolfram Sang
Date: Wed Jul 12 2017 - 11:54:41 EST

> with much appreciated quality assurance from
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Andy Shevchenko (17):
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: Let slave adapter support be optional
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: Make HW init functions static
> (Rev.) i2c: pca-platform: propagate error from i2c_pca_add_numbered_bus
> (Rev.) i2c: pca-platform: correctly set algo_data.reset_chip
> (Rev.) i2c: acpi: Do not create i2c-clients for LNXVIDEO ACPI devices
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: enable SLAVE in platform module
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: add SLAVE mode functions
> (Rev.) i2c: zx2967: add i2c controller driver for ZTE's zx2967 family
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: introducing I2C_SLAVE definitions
> (Rev.) i2c: designware: Cleaning and comment style fixes.
> (Rev.) i2c: remove unneeded includes from core
> (Rev.) docs: i2c: dev-interface: adapt to new filenames of the i2c core
> (Rev.) i2c: break out ACPI support into separate file
> (Rev.) i2c: break out OF support into separate file
> (Rev.) i2c: break out smbus support into separate file
> (Rev.) i2c: break out slave support into separate file
> (Rev.) i2c: rename core source file to allow refactorization

^ This ^ Worth pointing out. Thanks a ton, Andy!

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