Re: [alsa-devel] [PATCH] ASoC: fsl_asrc: constify snd_soc_dai_ops structure

From: Gustavo A. R. Silva
Date: Thu Jul 13 2017 - 03:36:46 EST

Hi Takashi,

Quoting Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx>:


please stop posting in this style. It's really annoying to see
spontaneously popping-up almost same patch for more than two hours

If you have a series of the same fix patches, send them as a patch
set in a shot with a thread. git-send-email does it right.

I will do that.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Gustavo A. R. Silva

I don't mind a couple of patches posted separately, but this is over
the limit.



On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 09:23:51 +0200,
Gustavo A. R. Silva wrote:

This structure is only stored in the ops field of a snd_soc_dai_driver
structure. That field is declared const, so snd_soc_dai_ops structures
that have this property can be declared as const also.

Signed-off-by: Gustavo A. R. Silva <garsilva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
sound/soc/fsl/fsl_asrc.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/sound/soc/fsl/fsl_asrc.c b/sound/soc/fsl/fsl_asrc.c
index 8cfffa7..806d399 100644
--- a/sound/soc/fsl/fsl_asrc.c
+++ b/sound/soc/fsl/fsl_asrc.c
@@ -542,7 +542,7 @@ static int fsl_asrc_dai_trigger(struct snd_pcm_substream *substream, int cmd,
return 0;

-static struct snd_soc_dai_ops fsl_asrc_dai_ops = {
+static const struct snd_soc_dai_ops fsl_asrc_dai_ops = {
.hw_params = fsl_asrc_dai_hw_params,
.hw_free = fsl_asrc_dai_hw_free,
.trigger = fsl_asrc_dai_trigger,

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