Re: [patch] autogain support for bayer10 format (was Re: [patch] propagating controls in libv4l2)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Jul 13 2017 - 03:57:19 EST


> Oh, somehow I got confused that this is kernel code :)
> >But I'd say NEON conversion is not neccessary anytime soon. First,
> >this is just trying to get average luminosity. We can easily skip
> >quite a lot of pixels, and still get reasonable answer.
> >
> >Second, omap3isp actually has a hardware block computing statistics
> >for us. We just don't use it for simplicity.
> >
> Right, I forgot about that.
> >(But if you want to play with camera, I'll get you patches; there's
> >ton of work to be done, both kernel and userspace :-).
> Well, I saw a low hanging fruit I thought I can convert to NEON in a day or
> two, while having some rest from the huge "project" I am devoting all my
> spare time recently (rebasing hildon/maemo 5 on top of devuan Jessie).
> Still, if there is something relatively small to be done, just email me and
> I'll have a look.

Well, there's a ton of work on camera, and some work on
libcmtspeechdata. The later is rather self-contained.
(cesky, pictures)

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