[PATCH 0/2] Fix modify_qp failure

From: Mustafa Ismail
Date: Thu Jul 13 2017 - 15:37:49 EST

Commit 5ecce4c9b17b("Check port number supplied by user verbs cmds") causes
modify_qp to fail because port_num is only valid when the mask is set.

Additionally, for iWARP, the port_num is not initialized which also causes
modify_qp to fail.

This series fixes both issues.

Mustafa Ismail (2):
RDMA/uverbs: Fix the check for port number
RDMA/core: Initialize port_num in qp_attr

drivers/infiniband/core/cma.c | 2 ++
drivers/infiniband/core/uverbs_cmd.c | 3 ++-
2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)