Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] mailbox: arm: introduce smc triggered mailbox

From: Jassi Brar
Date: Tue Aug 01 2017 - 11:53:40 EST

On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 4:20 PM, Alexander Graf <agraf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> On 24.07.17 01:23, Andre Przywara wrote:
>> This is a reworked version of my previous post. It addresses Jassi's
>> comments on the driver and also tries to cover Rob's and Mark's comments
>> on the binding documentation.
>> I dropped the more example-like DT changes from v1, as they are actually
>> not meant to be merged into the Linux tree, but instead are provided as
>> part of some firmware actually implementing this functionality.
>> Please let me know what you think.
> Could you please quickly explain what it would take to provide SCMI on top
> of this instead of SCPI?
The SCMI (and SCPI) code is broken, that is, unless the firmware/SM is
trained to ignore the random value (pointer to a structure) passed via
R1. Which may be possible to do, but is surely a sign of poor
implementation. And may not be possible if some protocol other than
SCMI runs in parallel.

Andre, your take please?