RE: [PATCH v3 14/16] switchtec_ntb: implement scratchpad registers

From: Allen Hubbe
Date: Wed Aug 02 2017 - 09:07:58 EST

From: Logan Gunthorpe
> On 01/08/17 01:10 PM, Jon Mason wrote:
> > It would probaly be better if I remarked about the SPADs in the actual
> > patch about the SPADS :)
> >
> > The whole point of using the SPADs in the NTB driver was to workaround
> > the problems establishing a connection between the two sides of the
> > NTB and where everything lives. So, using a MW to get around the
> > SPADs is sort of backwards (and slightly funny). I realize you are
> > trying to use the existing transport with minimal changes to enable
> > your hardware, and thus this makes logical sense to you. However, if
> > the SPADs are not really needed, then we should either remove them
> > from the transport (or use them for something else).
> >
> > Per my comment in the other patch, I'm amenable to take this series
> > as-is, assuming you are willing to address this design issue in the
> > near future. Thoughts?
> Yes, I agree. I'd be willing to help but it seems the clients are
> written the way they are for the other drivers, so it's their needs
> (which I'm not fully aware of) that have to be considered.

The proposed change, removing use of spads from transport, would not affect ntrdma.

> I've also made all the other changes you sent as well as the file rename
> Dave requested. Once I see the bug fix patch you were going to pull hit
> ntb-next I'll rebase, test and resubmit.
> Thanks,
> Logan