RE: [PATCH] Adding Agile-SD TCP module and modifying Kconfig and Makefile

From: David Laight
Date: Wed Aug 02 2017 - 10:09:30 EST

From: mohamedalrshah
> Sent: 02 August 2017 05:44
> Published:
> Alrshah, M.A., Othman, M., Ali, B. and Hanapi, Z.M., 2015. Agile-SD: a Linux-based
> TCP congestion control algorithm for supporting high-speed and short-distance networks.
> Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 55, pp.181-190.
> Agile-SD is a new loss-based and RTT-independent TCP congestion
> control algorithm designed to support high-speed and Short-Distance (SD)
> networks. It mainly contributes the agility factor mechanism, which allows
> Agile-SD to deal with small buffer sizes while reducing its sensitivity to
> packet loss. Due to the use of this mechanism, Agile-SD improves the
> throughput of TCP up to 50% compared to Cubic-TCP and Compound-TCP. Its
> performance was evaluated using the well-known NS2 simulator to measure
> the average throughput, loss ratio and fairness.
> Agile-SD is designed and implemented by Mohamed A. Alrshah et al. (2015) as
> a Linux kernel module in the real Linux operating system (openSUSE 42.1 Leap),
> which is implemented at the Network, Parallel and Distributed Computing Laboratory,
> A2.10, second floor, Block A, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology,
> Universiti Putra Malaysia, over real PCs connected to the Internet for daily uses and
> evaluation purposes.
> The main motivation behind Agile-SD is to support the short-distance networks such
> as local area networks and data center networks in order to increase the bandwidth
> utilization over high-speed networks. Moreover, Agile-SD is introduced in support
> of the open source community, where it can be used under the OpenGL agreement.

What a pile of bullshit ...