Re: Kernel error messages: leds fujitsu::radio_led: Setting an LED's brightness failed

From: Harvey
Date: Fri Aug 04 2017 - 04:55:28 EST

Hi MichaÅ,

> Thank you for providing us with further information.

Again, glad to help where I can.

>> Pressing the E button brings up some kind of Energy saving applet and
>> pressing the I button brings up an applet telling me about the hardware
>> in my laptop and its current state.
> These hotkeys should already work fine under Linux

Yes, they do. I already redefined them as shortcuts to start some useful

> If I did not miss anything in your reports, there are two issues that
> require some work:
> - Fixing radio LED detection. I have an idea how to do this, but
> please mind that I am quite busy lately and cannot guarantee any
> specific time frame for submitting a patch.
> - Investigating the E LED. This requires taking a look at the DSDT
> dump from your laptop and searching for clues as to how this LED is
> handled. I will be happy to do that, but again, no promises about
> how much time it will take. (And given the nature of this task, I
> cannot promise I will find anything reasonable at all. I also might
> ask you to do some further experiments as I do not have an E751
> myself.)

Don't forget to take a look at the I LED... And concerning time. it is
ready when it's ready ;)

I will be happy to help and test anything that is required. Just send me
a note what needs to be done.


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