Re: [PATCH v9 05/13] iommu/amd: Add function copy_dev_tables()

From: Joerg Roedel
Date: Fri Aug 04 2017 - 08:52:10 EST

On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 08:30:39PM +0800, Baoquan He wrote:
> Sorry, I don't get 'this one' meaning, are you suggesting the copy for
> loop should be take out of the iommu for loop?
> About the temporary copy of the old device-table, you can see in patch
> 7/13, if irq sanity check failed, it return -1. This return could happen
> in the middle of copy. So I think we should do a whole successful copy,
> or don't copy at all. It might not be good do half copy.

No, I mean that you should move the copy of the complete device-table
out of the for_each_iommu() loop. Currently you make sure you copy only
once with the 'copied' flag, but that is not necessary if you move the
code behind the loop.