Re: [PATCH v2] leds: pca955x: Don't invert requested value in pca955x_gpio_set_value()

From: Joel Stanley
Date: Fri Sep 08 2017 - 01:54:11 EST

On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 2:36 AM, CÃdric Le Goater <clg@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 09/01/2017 07:38 AM, Andrew Jeffery wrote:

>> Rework leds-pca955x so that we avoid the incorrect inversion and clarify
>> the semantics with respect to GPIO.
>> Signed-off-by: Andrew Jeffery <andrew@xxxxxxxx>
> Reviewed-by: CÃdric Le Goater <clg@xxxxxxxx>

I gave this a spin on our 'witherspoon' system and the LEDs responded
as expected.

Tested-by: Joel Stanley <joel@xxxxxxxxx>