[PATCH V14 0/4] powerpc/vphn: Update CPU topology when VPHN enabled

From: Michael Bringmann
Date: Fri Sep 08 2017 - 16:47:10 EST

powerpc/numa: On Power systems with shared configurations of CPUs
and memory, there are some issues with the association of additional
CPUs and memory to nodes when hot-adding resources. This patch
addresses some of those problems.

First, it corrects the currently broken capability to set the
topology for shared CPUs in LPARs. At boot time for shared CPU
lpars, the topology for each CPU was being set to node zero. Now
when numa_update_cpu_topology() is called appropriately, the Virtual
Processor Home Node (VPHN) capabilities information provided by the
pHyp allows the appropriate node in the shared configuration to be
selected for the CPU.

Next, it updates the initialization checks to independently recognize
PRRN or VPHN support.

Next, during hotplug CPU operations, it resets the timer on topology
update work function to a small value to better ensure that the CPU
topology is detected and configured sooner.

Also, fix an end-of-updates processing problem observed occasionally
in numa_update_cpu_topology().

Signed-off-by: Michael Bringmann <mwb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Michael Bringmann (4):
powerpc/vphn: Update CPU topology when VPHN enabled
powerpc/vphn: Improve recognition of PRRN/VPHN
powerpc/hotplug: Improve responsiveness of hotplug change
powerpc/vphn: Fix numa update end-loop bug
Changes in V14:
-- Cleanup and compress some code after split.