Re: [GIT PULL] zstd support (lib, btrfs, squashfs)

From: Chris Mason
Date: Fri Sep 08 2017 - 20:45:08 EST

On 09/08/2017 03:33 PM, Chris Mason wrote:
Hi Linus,

Nick Terrell's patch series to add zstd support to the kernel has been
floating around for a while. After talking with Dave Sterba, Herbert and
Phillip, we decided to send the whole thing in as one pull request.

I have it in my zstd branch:

git:// zstd

There's a trivial conflict with the main btrfs pull that Dave Sterba just
sent. His pull deletes BTRFS_COMPRESS_LAST in fs/btrfs/compression.h, and
I've put the sample resolution in a branch named zstd-4.14-merge. My
idea was that you'd take our main btrfs pull first and this one second,
but the conflicts are small enough it's not a big deal.

zstd is a big win in speed over zlib and in compression ratio over lzo, and
the compression team here at FB has gotten great results using it in production.
Nick will continue to update the kernel side with new improvements from the
open source zstd userland code.

Just to clarify, we've been testing the kernel side of this here at FB, but our zstd use in prod is limited to the application side.