Re: Questions about NVMEM

From: Masahiro Yamada
Date: Mon Sep 11 2017 - 08:41:26 EST

Hi Srinivas,

2017-09-11 20:13 GMT+09:00 Srinivas Kandagatla <srinivas.kandagatla@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Masahiro,
> On 11/09/17 11:33, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
>>>> (C) looks reasonable because nvmem_config is pretty small.
>>>> (sizeof(struct nvmem_config) = 104 byte on 64bit systems)
>>> Yep, thats much better indeed!
>> OK.
>> I think (B) should be fixed as soon as possible
>> because new drivers often copy existing drivers.
> I agree, are you planning to send the fixes for these?
> or
> Am happy to do that if not.

I will post patches soon with some more fixes/cleanups.

Please check if you like it or not.

>>>> (Q3) The style of drivers/nvmem/Makefile
>>>> This Makefile looks ugly to me.
>>>> All nvmem drivers are just single file modules.
>>>> Why are they renamed when modules are created?
>>>> For the name-space reason for modules,
>>>> prefix "nvmem-" makes sense to me.
>>>> It is true that adding "nvmem-" prefix is redundant while
>>>> they are located in drivers/nvmem/ directory,
>>>> but renaming in the Makefile is even more annoying to me.
>>>> Having said that, we may not want to churn this.
>>> This is mainly done for consistent module naming.
>>> I prefer to have nvmem- prefix for nvmem modules.
>> I 100% agree that all nvmem modules should have "nvmem-" prefix
>> consistently.
>> My question was, why .c files do not have the same file name as
>> the module name?
> Not sure if this is some thing mandatory! but its good to have kinda thing.

I was not saying this is mandatory.
I was just curious.

Then Greg answered - Looks like this is the style
at least some subsystems are going towards.

Oh well, this Makefile is unreadable (at least to me).

> My take was irrespective of what name the files are, the module names should
> have a consistent prefix of "nvmem-"
> On the other hand there is some inconsistency in some of the module prefix,
> some of them are being used with prefix "nvmem_" and others with "nvmem-".
> we should fix this too.
> Its one of my todo thing, which I probably should fix now!!

Changing module names might have certain degree of impacts,
but I do not have a strong opinion about this.

If you care "nvmem-" or "nvmem_",
please tell us your preference.
Socionext is trying to upstream a new driver.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada