Re: [Xen-devel] KVM PV

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Mon Oct 02 2017 - 08:18:07 EST

On 02/10/2017 12:36, George Dunlap wrote:
>>> Although I'm not business man, I don't think the top cloud provider[s]
>>> would allow nested virtualization, however mature nested virtualization
>>> is. Even xen-pv is unable to be nested in the aws and azure.
>> Check the contributors to KVM nested virtualization, you might be surprised.
>> Nested Xen PV is not possible because the Xen hypervisor cannot run as a PV guest.>> It's a technical limitation.
> Minor correction: Xen can't run on AWS as a PV guest, but it can run
> as an L1 hypervisor inside any "fully virtualized" VM (as both AWS and
> Azure provide), and provide PV L2 guests.

Yes, that's what I meant.

Thanks George!