[ANNOUNCE] util-linux v2.31-rc2

From: Karel Zak
Date: Tue Oct 03 2017 - 12:07:49 EST

The util-linux release v2.31-rc2 is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


Util-linux 2.31 Release Notes

The package build-system follows GNU Coding Standards and uses --runstatedir
instead of --localstatedir. The default is /run. Please, review your distribution
build scripts (spec files etc.) to be sure that this change does not introduce
any regression to your distribution.

Release highlights

rfkill -- NEW COMMAND for enabling and disabling wireless devices. This new
implementation is based upon, and backward compatible with, the original rfkill
from Johannes Berg and Marcel Holtmann.

The command su has been refactored and extended to create pseudo terminal for
the session (new option --pty). This new EXPERIMENTAL feature provides better
isolation between root's terminal and an unprivileged su session.

uuidparse -- NEW COMMAND to provide variant and type details for input UUIDs.

The library libuuid and command uuidgen support hash-based UUIDs v3 (md5) and
v5 (sha1) as specified by RFC-4122. The library also provides UUID templates
for dns, url, oid, or x500.

The library libblkid has been extended to support DM-integrity, HPE (aka
extended-XFS) and UBI superblock. The library also provides a new API to hide
already detected signatures. This allows the gathering of all possible magic
string permutations for a device. For example, the command wipefs will now print
the complete list of all magic strings.

The library libfdisk provides a new API to modify grain (a size used for
partition calculations) and it is also possible to completely disable dialog
driven partitioning.

The library libsmartcols provides a new API to move columns. This new
functionality is available by "column --table-order" on the command line.

The command "column --table-header-repeat" allows repetition of table headers
according to terminal size.

The libfdisk has been extended to use BLKPG ioctls to inform the kernel about
changes. This means that cfdisk and fdisk will not force the kernel to reread
all of the partition table, but untouched partitions may remain mounted and used
by the system. The typical use-case is resizing the last partition on the system

The command cfdisk provides a new dialog to resize a partition.

The fdisk menu behavior on ^C and ^D has been improved to stop the current
operation and return to main menu rather than immediately terminating the fdisk

The 'look' command now follows the WORDLIST environment variable (if specified)
to find the word list.

Almost all of the --help and --version outputs have been improved (thanks to
Ruediger Meier and others).

The 'script' command has been improved to follow the usual semantics for
stop/continue signals. It's possible to move a session to the background and
later back to the foreground (e.g. shell command "fg", etc.).

The setpriv command now supports ambient capabilities with the new command line
option --ambient-caps (thanks Patrick Steinhardt) and the new command line
option --init-groups allows initialization of supplementary groups (thanks to
Sebastian Schrader).

The hwclock command now significantly reduces system shutdown times by not
reading the RTC before setting it (except when the --update-drift option is
used). This also mitigates other potential shutdown and RTC setting problems
caused by requiring an RTC read.

The hwclock command now logs --systz when using libaudit. Also, for busybox
compatibility -l is now aliased to --localtime.

Security issues


The new experimental "su --pty" feature has been implemented to fix this issue.
The feature is not enabled by default and the new command line option --pty is

The classic way is to use setsid() to disable the ioctl TIOCSTI. Unfortunately,
setsid() has well-defined use cases in su(1) and runuser(1) and any changes
would introduce regressions. The setsid() also does not fix core of the problem
that is terminal file descriptors shared between privileged and unprivileged

Stable maintenance releases between v2.30 and v2.31

util-linux 2.30.1 [Jul 07 2017]

* https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.30/v2.30.1-ReleaseNotes

util-linux 2.30.2 [Sep 21 2017]

* https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/v2.30/v2.30.2-ReleaseNotes

Changes between v2.30 and v2.31
- add a comment for constants to boilerplate.c [J William Piggott]
- add hwclock 'highlights' v2.31-ReleaseNotes [J William Piggott]
- grammar fixes for v2.31-ReleaseNotes [J William Piggott]
- move option naming to howto-contribute.txt [J William Piggott]
- update howto-usage-function.txt [J William Piggott]
- output rfkill type names from an array instead of a static string. [Darren Salt]
- add --list-speeds option [Sami Kerola]
- add compile time features to --version output [Sami Kerola]
- fix --login-pause logic [Karel Zak]
- fix invalid usage crash [Sami Kerola]
- fix login name DEL/CTRL^U issue [Karel Zak]
- keep returns in main() [Karel Zak]
- print /etc/issue on --skip-login [Karel Zak]
- remove dead DO_DEVFS_FIDDLING code segment [Sami Kerola]
- look for look completions [Sami Kerola]
- make completions to work when bash set -u is in use [Sami Kerola]
- simplify pid listing [Sami Kerola]
- update uuidgen, wipefs, tunelp, setpriv, and hwclock [Sami Kerola]
- Add dm-integrity superblock signature [Milan Broz]
- use errtryhelp instead of errtryh [Ruediger Meier]
- correct man page name in --help [Ruediger Meier]
- document --setro more properly [Karel Zak]
- improve --help and man page [Ruediger Meier]
- use --runstatedir instead of --localstatedir [Andreas Henriksson]
- add --disable-rfkill [Karel Zak]
- add libtinfow check [Karel Zak]
- chown before chmod for SUIDs [Karel Zak]
- define dependence between chsh and getusershell [Karel Zak]
- don't use non-existing UUID_LIBS [Ruediger Meier]
- fix chown mistake, add checkusage.sh to the dist [Ruediger Meier]
- fix non-blkid compilation [Karel Zak]
- make chown usage more robust [Karel Zak]
- make rfkill optional (and enabled by default) [Karel Zak]
- release++ (v2.31-rc1) [Karel Zak]
- remove unused rfkill.py [Karel Zak]
- support ncursesw without headers in ncursesw/ directory [Karel Zak]
- add missing 0x7F key mapping [Karel Zak]
- add resize function [Karel Zak]
- cleanup die-on-signal code [Karel Zak]
- make resize code more readable [Karel Zak]
- use fdisk_reread_changes() [Karel Zak]
- cleanup global_shells usage [Karel Zak]
- make readline completion to propose valid shells [Sami Kerola]
- remove local /etc/shells parsing in favour of getusershell(3) [Sami Kerola]
- split get_shell_list() [Karel Zak]
- (-t) disable encoding for non-printable chars [Karel Zak]
- add --table-header-repeat [Karel Zak]
- fix compilation when libc lacks wide-character support [Carlos Santos]
- do not accept any non-option arguments [Ruediger Meier]
- fix delimiter calculation [Karel Zak]
- fragment concatenation [Vinnie Magro]
- print only 2 hex digits for each hex-escaped byte [Ivan Delalande]
- add --enable-programs to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add 2.30.2 to ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]
- add ASAN to TODO list [Karel Zak]
- add Atari PT to the TODO list [Karel Zak]
- add CAP_SYS_ADMIN to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add UUID v3 an v5 to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add exec() exit codes to TODO [Karel Zak]
- add optional option back to struct option [Sami Kerola]
- add program-desc to howto-usage-function.txt and boilerplate.c [Karel Zak]
- correct line(1) deprecation comment [Ruediger Meier]
- remove TODO item for fdisk [Karel Zak]
- remove UUID v3 and v5 from TODO [Karel Zak]
- remove repeated word from mount(8) man page [Sami Kerola]
- remove some old history from manpages [Ruediger Meier]
- update AUTHORS file [Karel Zak]
- update TODO, remove auto,noauto [Karel Zak]
- update boilerplate.c usage() [J William Piggott]
- update v2.31 release notes [Karel Zak]
- update v2.31-ReleaseNotes [Karel Zak]
- clear progress message before printing "done" [Jakub Wilk]
- add missing include [Karel Zak]
- add wrap_fgets() for getting user input [Vaclav Dolezal]
- fix copy from readline and whitespace stripping [Vaclav Dolezal]
- fix readline interaction with signals [Karel Zak]
- handle SIGINT in dialogs as cancel [Vaclav Dolezal]
- minor fixes to make readline work [Vaclav Dolezal]
- reset context after failed script [Karel Zak]
- use fdisk_reread_changes() [Karel Zak]
- use strutils to trim whitespace from input [Vaclav Dolezal]
flock, getopt:
- write --help to stdout and return 0 [Ruediger Meier]
- add --help and --version [Ruediger Meier]
- mention how tabs are escaped [Andreas Henriksson]
- prefer earlier mounted filesystems [Alex Ivanov]
- remove obsolete comment [Karel Zak]
- --epoch presence test fails [J William Piggott]
- add --update-drift check [J William Piggott]
- add -a that is short of --adjust to manual page and usage [Sami Kerola]
- add audit for --systz [J William Piggott]
- add usage() functions heading [J William Piggott]
- allow -l as alias for --localtime [Rasmus Villemoes]
- close hwaudit_fd unconditionally [J William Piggott]
- correlate hclocktime instead of set_time. [J William Piggott]
- don't always use hwclock_exit [J William Piggott]
- don't ifdef printf arguments [Ruediger Meier]
- exit bug fix and single test mode message [J William Piggott]
- final usage() strings slice [J William Piggott]
- fix RTC read logic [J William Piggott]
- fix hclock_valid test and error messages [J William Piggott]
- fix regression from c3ae785 [J William Piggott]
- fix unimplemented ioctl test [J William Piggott]
- fix warning [-Winvalid-noreturn] [Ruediger Meier]
- for debugging print startup system time [J William Piggott]
- improve RTC epoch messages [J William Piggott]
- make debug implicit for test mode. [J William Piggott]
- move drift correction and --predict [J William Piggott]
- move rtc permissions test [J William Piggott]
- move systz above init clocks read [J William Piggott]
- move systz into hctosys [J William Piggott]
- refactor set_system_clock() [J William Piggott]
- remove bool type definition [Sami Kerola]
- remove busywait tristate return status [J William Piggott]
- remove custom errno string [J William Piggott]
- remove dead code in usage() [J William Piggott]
- remove dead ioctl check [J William Piggott]
- remove from usage() FILE *out = stdout [J William Piggott]
- remove m68k and alpha cmos from manual [J William Piggott]
- remove set_system_clock_timezone() [J William Piggott]
- remove sysexits.h [J William Piggott]
- remove unused epoch_option [J William Piggott]
- remove unused optstring characters [J William Piggott]
- remove unused stdarg.h [J William Piggott]
- remove unwanted space before description [Karel Zak]
- restore select() timeout warning [J William Piggott]
- slice up the usage text [J William Piggott]
- squash custom errno strings [J William Piggott]
- sync one-liner descriptions [J William Piggott]
- update --help content and grammar [J William Piggott]
- update man page [J William Piggott]
- update set_system_clock comments [J William Piggott]
- update set_system_clock debugging [J William Piggott]
- update usage() [J William Piggott]
- update usage() FILE name [J William Piggott]
- update usage() to util-linux style [J William Piggott]
- usage() use program_invocation_short_name [J William Piggott]
- use RTC in help output [J William Piggott]
- move pamfail.h to auth.c [Sami Kerola]
- update pathnames.h [J William Piggott]
- add USAGE_COMMANDS and USAGE_COLUMNS [J William Piggott]
- avoid reading more data than what is needed [Sami Kerola]
- iterate over all arguments even when something fails [Karel Zak]
- usage() and coding style cleanup [Karel Zak]
- condition (secs == 0) - now handled correctly [coastal-hiker]
- don't show negative time [coastal-hiker]
- simplify debugging function when vwarnx(3) is available [Sami Kerola]
- fix strutils.h, remove STRTOXX_EXIT_CODE [Ruediger Meier]
- remove _RLD_ from forbid environment variable list [Sami Kerola]
- simplify cpuset if clauses that return [Sami Kerola]
- style cosmetics plymouth-ctrl.c [Ruediger Meier]
- remove support for Linux < 2.6 [Ruediger Meier]
- make match_fstype() case insensitive [Karel Zak]
- add error handling to path_vcreate() [Ruediger Meier]
- fix crash, pathbuf overflow [Ruediger Meier]
- add xgetlogin() [Karel Zak]
- improve getrandom() usage [Karel Zak]
- remove superfluous continue [Karel Zak]
- reset lose counter [Karel Zak]
- Fall back gracefully when kernel doesn't support getrandom(2). [Christopher James Halse Rogers]
- More paranoia in getrandom() call. [Christopher James Halse Rogers]
- return terminal lines too [Karel Zak]
- (vfat) add more debug messages [Karel Zak]
- add HPE extended-XFS to known filesystems [Mark Tinguely]
- add support for UBI superblock [RafaÅ MiÅecki]
- allow to hide already detected signatures [Karel Zak]
- don't check for size on UBI (char dev) [Karel Zak]
- don't use CDROM_GET_CAPABILITY ioctl for DM devices [Karel Zak]
- fix compiler warning [-Wformat-truncation=] [Karel Zak]
- fix gcc-7 warning -Wint-in-bool-context [Ruediger Meier]
- mark UBI as RAID [Karel Zak]
- remove dead code and blkid_probe_new_value() [Karel Zak]
- udf Add support for ID_FS_VERSION [Pali RohÃr]
- udf De-duplicate code for dstring decoding [Pali RohÃr]
- udf Define magic constants [Pali RohÃr]
- udf Fix detection of UDF images with block size 1024 and 4096 [Pali RohÃr]
- udf Fix parsing of UDF dstring structures [Pali RohÃr]
- udf Fix types [Pali RohÃr]
- (dos) accept start for log.partitions on template [Karel Zak]
- (dos) be more verbose on partno -ERANGE error [Karel Zak]
- (dos) cleanup template based partitioning [Karel Zak]
- (dos) fix primary/logical logic when follow template [Karel Zak]
- (dos) return EINVAL when delete unused partition [Karel Zak]
- (dos) use size-=1 when alignment not used later [Karel Zak]
- (gpt) fix size-1 error [Karel Zak]
- add --grain to mkpart sample [Karel Zak]
- add --nopartno to mkpart sample [Karel Zak]
- add comment [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_device_is_used() [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_disable_dialogs() [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_reassign_device() [Karel Zak]
- add fdisk_save_user_grain() [Karel Zak]
- add more debug messages to get-last-possible resize space [Karel Zak]
- add sample-fdisk-mkpart-fullspec [Karel Zak]
- allow to resize container [Karel Zak]
- allow to resize in unsorted partition table [Karel Zak]
- cleanup sun label checksum usuage [Ruediger Meier]
- don't hardcode label type in samples [Karel Zak]
- fix fdisk_reset_partition() leaking *_chs strings. [Vaclav Dolezal]
- fix guid usage of packed struct gpt_entry [Ruediger Meier]
- fix two potential memory errors. [Vaclav Dolezal]
- fix warning -Wunused-function [Ruediger Meier]
- improve "add partition" debug message [Karel Zak]
- improve alignment debug mesagges [Karel Zak]
- improve table print debugs [Karel Zak]
- make fdisk compliant to UEFI/GPT specification on PMBR [Karel Zak]
- move fdisk_reread_partition_table() to another file [Karel Zak]
- remove unnecessary fstat() call [Karel Zak]
- remove whitespaces [Karel Zak]
- support default partno in mkpart-fullspec sample [Karel Zak]
- support logical partition resize [Karel Zak]
- use BLKPG ioctls to inform kernel about changes [Karel Zak]
- use BLKPG_* ioctls on linux only [Karel Zak]
- use fdisk_sector_t consistently and fix printf format strings [Ruediger Meier]
- (umount) use mount table filter on -c only [Karel Zak]
- add human compatible message for EBADMSG errno [Karel Zak]
- btrfs, remove unused setter functions [Ruediger Meier]
- export locking errors as MNT_EX_FILEIO [Karel Zak]
- fix Python get_propagation [Giuseppe Scrivano]
- fix warning "set but not used" [Ruediger Meier]
- ignore "bind" from fstab on command line "remount" [Karel Zak]
- make mnt_context_is_fs_mounted work for /proc [Ivan Delalande]
- use _exit() in <type> handlers [Karel Zak]
- use mount table filter on --no-canonicalize [Karel Zak]
- (docs) add new functions [Karel Zak]
- add header-repeat feature [Karel Zak]
- add missing symbols [Karel Zak]
- add scols_table_enable_noencoding() [Karel Zak]
- add scols_table_{set,get}_termheight() [Karel Zak]
- fix comment (to make gtk-docs happy) [Karel Zak]
- fix heap-buffer-overflow when move columns [Karel Zak]
- fix scols_line_move_cells() n+1 error [asan] [Karel Zak]
- fix warning "unused parameter" [Ruediger Meier]
- add support for hash-based UUIDs [Philip Prindeville]
- use access(2) when checking /dev/random availability [Sami Kerola]
- make stdin parsing more friendly to static analyzers [Karel Zak]
- add --help and --version [Ruediger Meier]
- add --help text [Ruediger Meier]
- add xgetpwnam() [Karel Zak]
- fix signal race [Tobias Stoeckmann]
- use IPv4 on IPv4-mapping-to-IPv6 [Karel Zak]
- use WORDLIST environment variable to find word list [Sami Kerola]
- Add support for logical block size [Stanislav Brabec]
- add info about lazy detach to manpage [Karel Zak]
- add missing initializer [clang] [Sami Kerola]
- rename to --sector-size and LOG-SEC [Karel Zak]
- add option --tree [Karel Zak]
- small man page change in return codes description [Karel Zak]
- cleanup DMI detection return codes [Karel Zak]
- make clang analyzer happy [Ruediger Meier]
- be more explicit with -g in man page [Karel Zak]
- ignore non-existing users [Karel Zak]
- fix, using freed memory [Ruediger Meier]
- POSIX usage dd, regarding unit suffixes [Ruediger Meier]
- avoid some dead initialization warnings [Ruediger Meier]
- cleanup UUID_STR_LEN definitions [Karel Zak]
- cleanup and fix --unknownopt issues [Ruediger Meier]
- consolidate all --help option descriptions [Ruediger Meier]
- consolidate macro style USAGE_HELP_OPTIONS [Ruediger Meier]
- consolidate usage() "Available columns" [Karel Zak]
- cosmetics, remove argument from usage(FILE*) [Ruediger Meier]
- cosmetics, remove argument from usage(int) [Ruediger Meier]
- fix gcc-7 snprintf warnings -Wformat-truncation [Ruediger Meier]
- fix gcc-7 sprintf warnings -Wformat-overflow [Ruediger Meier]
- fix ggc-7 fallthrough warnings [Sami Kerola]
- fix more strutils related exit codes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix optutils.h related exit codes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix reassigned values before old ones has been used [cppcheck] [Sami Kerola]
- fix some broken exit codes [Ruediger Meier]
- fix some printf format strings [Ruediger Meier]
- fix xalloc.h related exit codes [Ruediger Meier]
- introduce print_usage_help_options() [Ruediger Meier]
- never use usage(ERROR) [Ruediger Meier]
- never use usage(stderr) [Ruediger Meier]
- no more errtryh() [Ruediger Meier]
- remove stray semicolons [Sami Kerola]
- remove superfluous null pointer checks for optarg [Ruediger Meier]
- replace magic number 37 with UUID_STR_LEN [Philip Prindeville]
- revert to the old USAGE_HELP strings [Ruediger Meier]
- update --help content again [Ruediger Meier]
- add --help and --version [Ruediger Meier]
- add --help and --version [Ruediger Meier]
- remove unused variable [Ruediger Meier]
- fix man page typo (--bind,ro) [Karel Zak]
- remove extN from mount.8 man page [Karel Zak]
- fix printf format [Ruediger Meier]
- refactor tm_diff() [J William Piggott]
- remove unused EPOCH_YEAR [J William Piggott]
- remove unused ordinal_day_seen [J William Piggott]
- remove unused year_seen [J William Piggott]
- replace ISDIGIT with c_isdigit [J William Piggott]
- time_zone_hhmm() bug fixes [J William Piggott]
- use int where appropriate [J William Piggott]
- use intmax_t where appropriate [J William Piggott]
- use to_uchar() instead of assignment. [J William Piggott]
- use uintmax_t where appropriate [J William Piggott]
- move partx.h to include/ [Karel Zak]
- Fix a typo [Masanari Iida]
- Fix translation in ja.po [Masanari Iida]
- fix ipcrm translation error fr.po [Karel Zak]
- merge changes [Karel Zak]
- update cs.po (from translationproject.org) [Petr PÃsaÅ]
- update da.po (from translationproject.org) [Joe Hansen]
- update es.po (from translationproject.org) [Antonio Ceballos Roa]
- update fr.po (from translationproject.org) [StÃphane Aulery]
- update pt_BR.po (from translationproject.org) [Rafael Fontenelle]
- NULL terminate kwlist in Context_init [Zac Medico]
- add -o to the man page [Karel Zak]
- notice when expression and replacement are the same string [Sami Kerola]
- remove script from the package [Sami Kerola]
- add NFC fallback for old headers [Karel Zak]
- add Sami to authors [Karel Zak]
- add bash-completion file [Sami Kerola]
- add systemd-rfkill(8) see also segment [Sami Kerola]
- allow use of multiple arguments [Sami Kerola]
- check id number refers to a device that exists [Sami Kerola]
- clarify 'all devices' handling [Sami Kerola]
- cleanup returns [Karel Zak]
- cleanup usage() [Karel Zak]
- do not fsync(3) /dev/rfkill file descriptor [Sami Kerola]
- do not ignore read error [Sami Kerola]
- fix coding style and error messages [Karel Zak]
- improve default output [Karel Zak]
- inform in syslog when rfkill is invoked [Sami Kerola]
- make command to build in util-linux project [Sami Kerola]
- make programming style to match util-linux project [Sami Kerola]
- move files to appropriate locations [Sami Kerola]
- refactor actions [Karel Zak]
- remove duplicate code [Karel Zak]
- support old "list" output [Karel Zak]
- update manual page [Sami Kerola]
- use back and forward compatible test [Sami Kerola]
- use human readable timestamps in event output [Sami Kerola]
- use libsmartcols output [Sami Kerola]
- refactor rfkill index/type lookup
- move it below rfkill_block. [Darren Salt]
- fix linking [Sami Kerola]
- ensure typescript and timing errors do not break terminal [Sami Kerola]
- fix ambiguity about the optional argument of the -t option [Antonio Ospite]
- rename fixtty() to enable_rawmode_tty() [Karel Zak]
- simplify stdin usage in poll() [Karel Zak]
- support sig{stop/cont} [Karel Zak]
- use errtryhelp() [Ruediger Meier]
- Add --init-groups option [Sebastian Schrader]
- add --ambient-caps to usage() [Karel Zak]
- align --help [Ruediger Meier]
- document accepted formats for naming caps [Patrick Steinhardt]
- introduce indirection for `capng_type` enum [Patrick Steinhardt]
- proxy function checking whether a capability is set [Patrick Steinhardt]
- proxy function to update capabilities [Patrick Steinhardt]
- silence compiler warning [Ruediger Meier]
- support dumping ambient capabilities [Patrick Steinhardt]
- support modifying the set of ambient capabilities [Patrick Steinhardt]
- support setting unnamed capabilities [Patrick Steinhardt]
- fix out of boundary access [Tobias Stoeckmann]
- use fdisk_device_is_used() [Karel Zak]
- (pty) fix child signal mask usage [Karel Zak]
- (pty) fix slave terminal attributes initialization [Karel Zak]
- (pty) improve SIGSTOP/SIGCONT semantic [Karel Zak]
- (pty) save child status [Karel Zak]
- (pty) simplify stdin usage in poll() [Karel Zak]
- add --pty option [Karel Zak]
- add PTY support [Karel Zak]
- add child to control struct [Karel Zak]
- add control struct [Karel Zak]
- add debug.h stuff [Karel Zak]
- add more informartion to man page [Karel Zak]
- add wait_for_child() [Karel Zak]
- clean up const usage [Karel Zak]
- clean up signals usage [Karel Zak]
- cleanup PAM stuff [Karel Zak]
- cleanup pwd struct usage [Karel Zak]
- cleanup setenv related code [Karel Zak]
- cleanup setuid/gid related code [Karel Zak]
- cleanup shell related code [Karel Zak]
- cleanup usage() [Karel Zak]
- cleanup usernames usage [Karel Zak]
- consolidate tty name usage [Karel Zak]
- cosmetic changes after indent [Karel Zak]
- cosmetic code changes [Karel Zak]
- enable TIOCSCTTY and minor changes [Karel Zak]
- fix compiler warnings [-Wimplicit-fallthrough=] [Karel Zak]
- fix debug message [Karel Zak]
- fix indention [Karel Zak]
- fix non-pty compilation [Karel Zak]
- fix refactoring bug in child PID usage [Karel Zak]
- improve some debug messages [Karel Zak]
- keep old sigactions in control struct [Karel Zak]
- make wait_for_child() usable in arbitrary situation [Karel Zak]
- move PAM session initialization to separate function [Karel Zak]
- move parent signals setup to separate function [Karel Zak]
- properly clear child PID [Karel Zak]
- rename evaluate_uid() [Karel Zak]
- reorder functions [Karel Zak]
- unblock signals is all initialized [Karel Zak]
- use switch() to split after fork [Karel Zak]
- fix --disable-libuuid compilation [Karel Zak]
- update PMBR hex dumps [Karel Zak]
- Add UDF hdd image which label has length 30 characters [Pali RohÃr]
- Add UDF hdd images with blocksize 1024 and 4096 created by Linux mkudffs 1.3 [Pali RohÃr]
- add MBR resize tests [Karel Zak]
- add more tests for line(1) [Ruediger Meier]
- check for missing programs in last(1) test [Karel Zak]
- check sfdisk resize on unsorted offsets [Karel Zak]
- don't use errno in output [Karel Zak]
- explicitly define wipefs outpuit columns [Karel Zak]
- fix and refactor partx [Ruediger Meier]
- fix fincore, don't use variable COLUMNS [Ruediger Meier]
- remove UUIDs with time overflow from uuidparse [Karel Zak]
- split partx in root and non-root [Ruediger Meier]
- update UDF test, add ID_FS_VERSION [Pali RohÃr]
- update build-sys tests [Karel Zak]
- update sfdisk wipe test [Karel Zak]
- update wipefs outputs [Karel Zak]
- use sample-fdisk-mkpart [Karel Zak]
- use sample-fdisk-mkpart-fullspec [Karel Zak]
- add checkusage.sh [Ruediger Meier]
- add segfault detection for checkusage.sh [Ruediger Meier]
- checkusage can dump all command output [Ruediger Meier]
- ignore unsafe commands in checkusage.sh [Ruediger Meier]
- add make checkusage [Ruediger Meier]
- fix another chown issue [Karel Zak]
- minor cosmetics [Ruediger Meier]
- use --disable-makeinstall-chown everywhere [Karel Zak]
- use linux header [Sami Kerola]
- add note about NFS and -c to umount.8 [Karel Zak]
- never 'stat' the path when "-c" is given. [NeilBrown]
- remove unused define [Ruediger Meier]
- add more details to man page [Karel Zak]
- add support for hash-based UUIDs [Philip Prindeville]
- improve --help [Karel Zak]
- slice up the usage text [Sami Kerola]
- add bash-completion file [Sami Kerola]
- add new command [Sami Kerola]
- fix getopt crash [Ruediger Meier]
- fix stack-buffer-overflow [asan] [Karel Zak]
- nil uuid have all bits set to zero [Sami Kerola]
- se JSON table name on -J [Karel Zak]
- use explicit_bzero() to clear buffer after copy [Sami Kerola]
- don't use gid_t when allocate grounps array [Karel Zak]
- fix OSX getgrouplist, gid_t* vs int* [Karel Zak]
- do not call fsync(2) when closing watchdog device [Sami Kerola]
- add --help and --version [Ruediger Meier]
- include native multiarch path in lib search paths [Andreas Henriksson]
- add control struct [Karel Zak]
- cleanup offsets list usage, fix -t filter [Karel Zak]
- don't do step-back if <type> does not match [Karel Zak]
- exit on failed erase [Karel Zak]
- improve --help [Karel Zak]
- print all signature permutations [Karel Zak]
- try another magic strings on -o and -t [Karel Zak]
- use libsmartcols [Karel Zak]