Linux 4.14

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Nov 12 2017 - 15:03:18 EST

No surprises this week, although it is probably worth pointing out how
the 0day robot has been getting even better (it was very useful
before, but Fengguang has been working on making it even better, and
reporting the problems it has found).

Sure, some of the new reports turned out to be just 0day doing things
that just don't work (ie KASAN with old gcc versions, but also doing
things like loading old ISA drivers in situations that just don't make
sense - remember when you couldn't even ask if the hardware existed or
not, and just had to know), but even then it's been all good.

The appended shortlog is obviously only for the (small) haul since
rc8, and it really is tiny. Not very many commits, and they are small.
The biggest thing that stands out in the diffstat is the
"leaking_addresses" perl script, which is actually under active
development, but I put the first version in for 4.14 just so that
people could see that initial state and start looking at the end
result and perhaps ask themselves "should my code make these kernel
addresses visible to user space".

The actual changes will hopefully start percolating into 4.15, with
one notable llikely early change (which has been discussed extensively
on the list) being to just hash any "%p" addresses by default. We used
to have strict modes that just zeroed the address out, but that was
actually counter-productive, in that often people use the address as a
"kernel object identity" for debugging (or fro cross-correlation -
think network sockets), and so just clearing the pointer value makes
those kinds of uses pointless. But using a secure hash allows for
those kinds of identity uses, while not actually leaking the address

(Other situations where the actual address is relevant then need other
approaches - we'll be restricting /proc/kallsyms only to entities that
actually need them etc etc).

Anyway, apart from that one script, the rest of it really is
one-liners or "few-liners".

The most noticeable last-minute change is probably that we had to
revert the code that showed a good MHz value in /proc/cpuinfo even for
the modern "CPU picks frequency dynamically" case. It worked fine, but
it was much too expensive on machines with tens or hundreds of CPU
cores. There's a cunning plan, but it didn't make 4.14, so we'll get
it working and then back-port.

Anything else is pretty esoteric, you can just read the changelog..

And with this, the merge window for 4.15 is obviously open. As
mentioned in the late rc announcements, the extra week for rc8 means
that now Thanksgiving week ends up happening during the second half of
the merge window, and I'll be off on a family vacation.

We'll see how that goes.

I might decide that I'll extend the merge window if I feel that I
can't be responsive enough.

Or maybe you guys won't even notice, because I _will_ have my laptop
and internet access.

Or maybe I will just decide that 4.14 was a painful release, and any
late stragglers for 4.15 are not worth _another_ painful release, and
I'll just say "tough luck, you were late to the merge window, and I
felt more like being out in the sun than taking your second-week pull

Because it really would be lovely to have a smaller and calmer release for 4.15.

Anyway, go out and test the new 4.14 release, that is slated to be the
next LTS kernel - and start sending me pull request for the 4.15 merge



Alexander Shishkin (1):
x86/debug: Handle warnings before the notifier chain, to fix KGDB crash

Andrei Vagin (1):
perf trace: Call machine__exit() at exit

Andrey Konovalov (2):
net: usb: asix: fill null-ptr-deref in asix_suspend
net: usb: asix: fill null-ptr-deref in asix_suspend

Andrey Ryabinin (2):
crypto: x86/sha256-mb - fix panic due to unaligned access
crypto: x86/sha1-mb - fix panic due to unaligned access

Arnd Bergmann (1):
sysctl: add register_sysctl() dummy helper

Arvind Yadav (1):
drm/vmwgfx: constify vmw_fence_ops

Bjorn Andersson (1):
qrtr: Move to postcore_initcall

Bjorn Helgaas (1):
MAINTAINERS: Add Lorenzo Pieralisi for PCI host bridge drivers

BjÃrn Mork (2):
net: cdc_ether: fix divide by 0 on bad descriptors
net: qmi_wwan: fix divide by 0 on bad descriptors

Borislav Petkov (2):
drivers/ide-cd: Handle missing driver data during status check gracefully
x86/oprofile/ppro: Do not use __this_cpu*() in preemptible context

Chris Redpath (1):
cpufreq: schedutil: Examine the correct CPU when we update util

Chris Wilson (1):
drm/i915: Deconstruct struct sgt_dma initialiser

Cong Wang (14):
Revert "net_sched: hold netns refcnt for each action"
net_sched: introduce tcf_exts_get_net() and tcf_exts_put_net()
cls_basic: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_bpf: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_cgroup: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_flow: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_flower: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_fw: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_matchall: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_route: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_rsvp: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_tcindex: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
cls_u32: use tcf_exts_get_net() before call_rcu()
vlan: fix a use-after-free in vlan_device_event()

David S. Miller (1):
Revert "net: usb: asix: fill null-ptr-deref in asix_suspend"

Eric Biggers (1):
KEYS: fix NULL pointer dereference during ASN.1 parsing [ver #2]

Eric Dumazet (1):
tcp: gso: avoid refcount_t warning from tcp_gso_segment()

Eugenia Emantayev (1):
net/mlx5e: Increase Striding RQ minimum size limit to 4 multi-packet WQEs

Florian Westphal (2):
xfrm: defer daddr pointer assignment after spi parsing
xfrm: do unconditional template resolution before pcpu cache check

Gabriele Paoloni (1):
MAINTAINERS: Remove Gabriele Paoloni as HiSilicon PCI maintainer

Ganesh Goudar (1):
cxgb4: update latest firmware version supported

Gerhard Bertelsmann (1):
can: sun4i: handle overrun in RX FIFO

Guillaume Nault (1):
l2tp: don't use l2tp_tunnel_find() in l2tp_ip and l2tp_ip6

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
net/mlx5e/core/en_fs: fix pointer dereference after free in

Hangbin Liu (1):
bonding: discard lowest hash bit for 802.3ad layer3+4

Hui Wang (1):
ALSA: hda - fix headset mic problem for Dell machines with alc274

Huy Nguyen (2):
net/mlx5: Loop over temp list to release delay events
net/mlx5: Cancel health poll before sending panic teardown command

HÃkon Bugge (1):
rds: ib: Fix NULL pointer dereference in debug code

Ilya Dryomov (1):
rbd: use GFP_NOIO for parent stat and data requests

Inbar Karmy (1):
net/mlx5e: Set page to null in case dma mapping fails

Ingo Molnar (1):
tooling/headers: Sync the tools/include/uapi/drm/i915_drm.h UAPI header

Jaedon Shin (1):
MIPS: BMIPS: Fix missing cbr address

Jarkko Sakkinen (1):
MAINTAINERS: update TPM driver infrastructure changes

Jay Vosburgh (1):
bonding: fix slave stuck in BOND_LINK_FAIL state

Jiri Kosina (1):
x86/mm: Unbreak modules that rely on external PAGE_KERNEL availability

Jiri Olsa (2):
perf tools: Add "reject" option for parse-events.l
perf tools: Fix eBPF event specification parsing

John Johansen (1):
apparmor: fix off-by-one comparison on MAXMAPPED_SIG

Jonas Gorski (1):
MIPS: AR7: Defer registration of GPIO

Josh Poimboeuf (1):
x86/unwind: Disable KASAN checking in the ORC unwinder

Jussi Laako (1):
ALSA: usb-audio: support new Amanero Combo384 firmware version

Kai-Heng Feng (1):
Input: elan_i2c - add ELAN060C to the ACPI table

Kirill A. Shutemov (1):
x86/mm: Fix ELF_ET_DYN_BASE for 5-level paging

Kristian Evensen (1):
qmi_wwan: Add missing skb_reset_mac_header-call

Li Bin (1):
workqueue: Fix NULL pointer dereference

Linus Torvalds (3):
Revert "scsi: make 'state' device attribute pollable"
Revert "x86: CPU: Fix up "cpu MHz" in /proc/cpuinfo"
Linux 4.14

Maciej W. Rozycki (1):
.mailmap: Add Maciej W. Rozycki's Imagination e-mail address

Marc Zyngier (1):
net: mvpp2: Prevent userspace from changing TX affinities

Marek Vasut (1):
can: ifi: Fix transmitter delay calculation

Mark Rutland (1):
ARM: 8720/1: ensure dump_instr() checks addr_limit

Martin Kepplinger (1):
Input: tsc200x-core - set INPUT_PROP_DIRECT

Oswald Buddenhagen (1):
MIPS: AR7: Ensure that serial ports are properly set up

Paul Mackerras (1):
KVM: PPC: Book3S HV: Fix exclusion between HPT resizing and
other HPT updates

Pavel Tatashin (1):
x86/smpboot: Make optimization of delay calibration work correctly

Priyaranjan Jha (1):
tcp: fix DSACK-based undo on non-duplicate ACK

Rafael J. Wysocki (1):
ACPI / PM: Blacklist Low Power S0 Idle _DSM for Dell XPS13 9360

Richard SchÃtz (1):
can: c_can: don't indicate triple sampling support for D_CAN

Romain Izard (1):
crypto: ccm - preserve the IV buffer

Saeed Mahameed (1):
net/mlx5e: Fix napi poll with zero budget

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (1):
MAINTAINERS: Remove Stephen Bates as Microsemi Switchtec maintainer

Sinclair Yeh (1):
drm/vmwgfx: Fix Ubuntu 17.10 Wayland black screen issue

Steffen Klassert (1):
xfrm: Fix stack-out-of-bounds read in xfrm_state_find.

Stephane Grosjean (1):
can: peak: Add support for new PCIe/M2 CAN FD interfaces

Takashi Iwai (3):
ALSA: timer: Limit max instances per timer
ALSA: seq: Avoid invalid lockdep class warning
ALSA: seq: Fix OSS sysex delivery in OSS emulation

Tobin C. Harding (1):
scripts: add

Tvrtko Ursulin (1):
drm/i915: Reject unknown syncobj flags

Vivien Didelot (2):
net: dsa: return after mdb prepare phase
net: dsa: return after vlan prepare phase

Ye Yin (1):
netfilter/ipvs: clear ipvs_property flag when SKB net namespace changed

Yiannis Marangos (1):
Input: synaptics-rmi4 - RMI4 can also use SMBUS version 3

Yonghong Song (1):
x86/idt: Remove X86_TRAP_BP initialization in idt_setup_traps()

Yuchung Cheng (1):
tcp: fix tcp_fastretrans_alert warning