[PATCH 4/7] Documentation: Add documentation for the new P= Makefile option

From: Knut Omang
Date: Thu Nov 16 2017 - 12:03:39 EST

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+.. Copyright 2017 Knut Omang <knut.omang@xxxxxxxxxx>
+Makefile support for systematic checkpatch testing
+The scripts/checkpatch.pl script is able to detect a lot of syntactic and
+semantic issues with the code, and is also constantly evolving and detecting
+more. In an ideal world, all source files should adhere to whatever rules
+imposed by checkpatch.pl with all bells and whistles enabled, in a way that
+checkpatch can be run as a reflex by developers (and by bots) from the top level
+Makefile for every changing source file. In the real world however there's a
+number of challenges:
+* Sometimes there are valid reasons for accepting violations of a checkpatch
+ rule, even if that rule is a sensible one in the general case.
+* Some subsystems have different restrictions and requirements for checkpatch.
+ (Ideally, the number of subsystems with differing restrictions and
+ requirements will diminish over time.)
+* Similarly, the kernel contains a lot of code that predates checkpatch, or at
+ least some of the newer rules, and we would like checkpatch to evolve without
+ requiring the need to fix all issues detected with it in the same commit.
+* On the other hand, we want to make sure that files that are checkpatch clean
+ (to some well defined extent, such as passing checkpatch with checks only for
+ certain important types of issues) keep being so.
+This is the purpose of supplying the option ``--ignore-cfg checkpatch.cfg`` to
+``scripts/checkpatch.pl``. It will then look for a file named ``checkpatch.cfg``
+in the current directory or alternatively in the directory of the source
+file. If that file exists, checkpatch parses a set of rules from it, and use
+them to determine how to invoke checkpatch for a particular file. The kernel
+Makefile system supports using this feature as an integrated part of compiling
+the code.
+The ignore configuration file
+The ignore configuration file can be used to set policies and "rein in"
+checkpatch errors piece by piece for a particular subsystem or driver.
+The the following syntax is supported::
+ # comments
+ line_len <n>
+ except checkpatch_type [files ...]
+ pervasive checkpatch_type1 [checkpatch_type2 ...]
+The ``line_len`` directive defines the upper bound of characters per line
+tolerated in this directory. The ``except`` directive takes a checkpatch type
+such as for example ``MACRO_ARG_REUSE``, and a set of files that should not be
+subject to this particular check type. You can run ``scripts/checkpatch.pl
+--list-types`` to see what types that are available. The ``pervasive`` directive
+disables the listed types of checks for all the files in the directory. The
+``except`` and ``pervasive`` directives can be used cumulatively to add more
+Running checkpatch from make
+You can run checkpatch subject to rules defined in ``checkpatch.cfg`` in the
+directory of the source file by using "make P=1" to run checkpatch on all files
+that gets recompiled, or "make P=2" to run checkpatch on all source files.
+A make variable ``PF`` allows passing additional parameters to
+checkpatch.pl. You can for instance use::
+ make P=2 PF="--fix-inplace"
+to have checkpatch trying to fix issues it finds - *make sure you have a clean
+git tree and carefully review the output afterwards!* Combine this with
+selectively enabling of types of errors via changes to the local
+``checkpatch.cfg``, and you can focus on fixing up errors subsystem or driver by
+driver on a type by type basis.
+By default checkpatch will skip all files in directories without a
+checkpatch.cfg file when invoked with the --ignore-cfg parameter. This is to
+allow builds with P=2 to pass even for subsystems that has not yet done anything
+to rein in checkpatch errors. At some point when all subsystems and drivers
+either have fixed all checkpatch errors or added proper checkpatch.cfg files,
+this can be changed.
+To force checkpatch to run a full run in directories without a checkpatch.cfg
+file as well, use::
+ make P=2 PF="--req-ignore-cfg"
+If you like to see all the warnings and errors produced by checkpatch, ignoring
+any checkpatch.cfg files, you can use::
+ make -k P=2 PF="--no-ignore-cfg"
+or for a specific module directory::
+ make -k P=2 M=drivers/infiniband/core PF="--no-ignore-cfg"
+with the -k option to ``make`` to let it continue upon errors.
+Ever tightening checkpatch rules
+Commit the changes to checkpatch.cfg together with the code changes that fixes a
+particular type of issue, this will allow automatic checkpatch testing. This way
+we can ensure that new errors of that particular type do not inadvertently sneak
+in again! This can be done at any subsystem or module maintainer's discretion
+and at the right time without having to do it all at the same time.
+Before submitting your changes, verify that "make P=2" passes with no errors.
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