Re: [PATCH 0/2] ALSA: nm256: Fine-tuning for three function implementations

From: SF Markus Elfring
Date: Thu Nov 16 2017 - 13:00:34 EST

>> Two update suggestions were taken into account
>> from static source code analysis.
> Markus, I'd apply this kind of patches only when they are really
> tested on the hardware,

I can not test all software and hardware combinations (so far)
for which I dare to show change possibilities.

> or they were converted systematically by a script like spatch.

There is a general source code transformation pattern involved.
So I find that it is systematic.

But I did not dare to develop a script variant for the semantic patch
language (Coccinelle software) which can handle all special use cases
as a few of them are already demonstrated in this tiny patch series.

> The reason is that you might break something

There are the usual software development risks.

> (and you already broke things in the past).

I presented also some improvable update suggestions.

Another look on the corresponding circumstances might be interesting
for further clarification.

> The merit by such a patch is negligible in comparison of the risk of breakage.

I imagine that you might like a small object code reduction also for
this software module.

> These codes aren't too bad without fixing, after all;
> everyone can read it pretty well as is.

The script "" points implementation details out for
further considerations.

> If these patches were tested on a real hardware,

I assume that this aspect can become a big challenge.

> or at least on VM, so that you can show that they don't break anything,

Which test results would you trust (from me)?

> I'll happily apply them for the next (4.16) kernel.

Thanks for your general offer.

> Or, if you're really working on other real changes

I would find a bit more efficient exception handling useful.

> (no cosmetic coding style fixes nor the code shuffling,

I propose to apply also corresponding checkpatch cosmetic.

> but fixing a real bug)

I am trying to adjust the software situation a bit more for better
run time characteristics.

> *and* such a cleanup is mandatory as preliminary, it can be accepted, too.

There are change combinations needed for the proposed software
design direction.
Can you see positive effects here?