Re: Linux 3.10.108 (EOL)

From: Sebastian Gottschall
Date: Sat Nov 18 2017 - 02:38:13 EST

Am 18.11.2017 um 00:46 schrieb Alan Cox:
i just wanted to throw some stones on the bloated kernel problem which is
People used to be working on that, but then it seemed like the "size"
got to a point that people were comfortable with it. Are you sure that
There's also a lot of pushback to things that add a ton of ifdefs.

just changing some build options would not make your image smaller?
Letting people know sometime in the past few years that the kernel was
getting "too big" for you would have been good to do :)
It's also an increasingly hard problem to deal with because the scale of
big machines means the algorithms themselves in a modern Linux OS just
don't make sense for a tiddly embedded router.

I know lots of people build them that way but if you compare it with one
of the more conservative *BSD builds you have to wonder why not use BSD
instead - especially with nanoBSD ?

(and BSD has the reverse problem - most BSD does not scale to a modern
bigger machine of course).

"1.2.13 was the last true Linux" ;-)

easy. i have to port alot of cpu platforms to bsd then and since i'm doing

wireless routers i will run into a problem with all the drivers i have to rewrite for bsd and the bsd wireless stack is simply shit

its basicly a impossible task. and most of my code is gpl licensed. mmh mixing with bsd code, not a good idea

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